• Shipping

How much is shipping?

-- There are many shipping options available, and the price depend on location and size of package.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

-- Absolutely! The item will be shipped in boxes with no markings. Even the return name is discreet and simply listed as a bag.

How do you ship and do you provide tracking?

--We ship using USPS and provide tracking on all orders regardless of order size. You'll receive an email once we print the shipping label that includes your tracking number.

When will my package ship?

-- We usually ship the next business day or earlier.

I entered the wrong address. What do I do?

-- If you item has not shipped you can email us at support@eaglebongs.com with the updated address. If you package has already shipped we can't update the address. If the package is sent back to us we'll resend it to the correct address.

My package didn't arrive?

--First, check the tracking and see the status. If it's still on transit just wait until the expected delivery date shown in tracking. If it shows "delivered" in the tracking you'll need to contact your local USPS.

Also, make sure to look at the tracking details as USPS will sometimes add a note to where they left your package.

We are not affiliated with USPS so you'll need to contact them for redelivery scheduling or tracking down packages.

Where do you ship from? And Where do you ship to?

--We stock and ship all of our items in US or CHINA. Currently we ship all throughout North America (Canada, US, Mexico)

Note: There may be some exceptions to this during COVID due to border restrictions and delays.

What if my item is damaged during shipping?

--Although we package are items with great care there is still a slim chance that it may arrive damaged. After all it is glass. Just take a picture of the unused piece and email it to us within 24 hours and we'll send you a replacement.

When will my package arrive?

--Since we stock all of our items in our warehouse and ship within 1 business day you'll receive your item fast! We have a warehouse in the USA. If the products you order are in stock in that warehouse, you will receive the products within 3-7 days. If not, we will ship them from China, and the time of arrival of goods is 10-30 days.

These times are estimates and can't be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, busy holidays etc.

Do you ship international?

--Yes, we do ship international. Shipping rates depend on location and size of the package. There may be additional customs fees that you'll have to pay based on the receiving countries guidelines. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure items will clear your countries customs. We are not responsible for any packages that do not clear customs and we will not issue refunds unless the packages are sent back to us.