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    What are Sherlock Pipes?

    Sherlock pipes take their name and their distinctive look from the perennially popular Sherlock Holmes. The supreme fictional detective. Although the pipe was originally made from wood in the novels, the real Sherlock Holmes pipes are usually made from glass.

    They take the classic style described in the novels and use it as the basis for truly stunning glasswork pieces. But these pipes are functional! A good Sherlock pipe from glass can pack a real punch, a huge bowl, and some extraordinary bubbler designs.

    Why use a Sherlock Smoking Pipe?

    With the Sherlock pipe, you get more than looks. Many Sherlock pipes are quite large, with spacious bowls, great for social smoking. The lengthy chambers, which give the Sherlock its distinctive shape, also do a great job at expanding and cooling the smoke before inhaling it, giving you a smooth hit.

    For an even smoother experience, you can pick up a Sherlock pipe with a bubbler chamber. This additional step of water filtration is great for further cooling the smoke, as well as extracting water-soluble tars from your smoke.

    Why Do People Like the Sherlock Holmes Pipe?

    As popular as Mr. Holmes may have been, it is not the nostalgia of it all that draws people to these uniquely shaped pipes. After all, the Sherlock bowl is no larger than the average pipe bowl, though it is certainly easy to exchange for a larger bowl. The real draw is what the shape of the pipe creates.

    The Sherlock pipe doesn’t offer a straight shot from the bowl to the mouth. Instead, it has a curve that gives the smoke sufficient time to cool before being drawn into your mouth and lungs. This simple change of airflow reduces the harshness of inhaling through straight dry hand pipes

    What to consider when buying a Glass Sherlock Pipe?

    Are you convinced that the Glass Sherlock smoking pipe is the right smoking equipment for you? Consider these points below before buying your Sherlock pipe.

    Sherlock pipes can be tough to clean. Since they have long chambers, tight spaces, and intricate glasswork, it leaves plenty of space for the resin to accumulate. While you can clean your Sherlock pipe with typical glass cleaning methods like isopropyl alcohol, you’ll need to take a lot of extra care to get every nook and cranny clean.

    Sherlock Pipes for on the go

    Do you want your Sherlock pipe on the go? Fancy Sherlock pipes sacrifice something in portability. They are more showpieces than something to tote around town. Because they often have long, protruding parts, they can be more fragile than a simpler, more compact pipe. You can spend a lot of money on the perfect Sherlock pipe. If you are going to buy the fanciest Sherlock pipe, make sure you do take care.

    Suppose you’re on a budget but can’t get the look of a Sherlock pipe off your mind, not to worry! Plenty of Cheap Sherlock pipes are available for only a little more than common spoon pipes that would run you.


    Types of Sherlock Pipes

    Another reason this pipe is immensely popular is that it presents a variety of options to consumers. First, the pipe comes in a variety of forms including:

    1. Glass Sherlock Pipes. While a glass sherlock pipe may be more expensive than other options, they are often preferred by people seeking purer tasting smoke or those looking to add an element of fun to their experience. Just remember to handle these pipes with care to avoid breaking or cracking.
    2. Metal Sherlock Pipes. The most durable pipe options, these pipes are easy to clean and offer a “futuristic” look to those who use them. Some people complain that the metal interferes with the smoke’s flavor.
    3. Wooden Sherlock Pipes. Those remaining true to the image of Sherlock Holmes will be drawn to the wooden Sherlock pipe as will those who want the durability of wood for their pipes, the beauty of hardwoods, and the ability to smoke dried herbs as well traditional tobacco.
    People new to Sherlock pipes for smoking may wish to try one or two pipes of each material type to determine which fits your personal preferences and style best.

    Glass pipes can be incredibly fun with some seasonal pipes suitable for use around Halloween, Christmas, and all points in between. Some offer special features, like:

    • Interchangeable bowls, allowing users to have larger than standard Sherlock bowls.
    • Carbs, typically located on the side or behind the bowl to allow users greater control over the airflow.
    Some versions, referred to as Gandalf pipes (after the beloved Hobbit character), feature elongated handles – some up to 12-inches long! This version is especially popular to people who prefer to light herbs at a greater distance, so the heat of the flame isn’t in such close proximity to their faces. Another popular option is to use versions of the pipe that allow users to add water to create a vapor.

    Ultimately, Sherlock pipes offer smokers an affordable medium for smoking that can, in the right crowd, add elements of fun or even sophistication to your personal pipe style.

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