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    Dab Torches

    If you are a concentrate enthusiast, then butane torches are an essential tool to add to your collection. Reaching temperatures as high as 1430 °C (2610 °F) are perfect for heating up your quartz banger, titanium nail, or glass concentrate nail in a matter of seconds, which is not as simple to achieve with a lighter or matches.

    Torches are powered by butane and are easy to refill, providing you with years and years of flaming pleasure. They come in several sizes, from compact handheld ones to bigger desktop torches if you need a larger flame. The bigger ones are great for at home and heat up your banger or nail in a matter of seconds. The smaller dab torches are perfect to stick in your bag for a discreet dab session on the go.

    At Eaglebongs we offer a great selection of high-quality butane dab torches in a wide range of colors and prices, so there is bound to be one to fit your style and budget.

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