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    Chillum Pipes

    Chillum Pipes are perfect for the on-the-run smoker who doesn't have time to waste. These straight glass pipes are made of borosilicate glass, providing the highest quality and durability around. We have a great selection of glass blunts and chillums in a variety of different sizes and colors for you to smoke out of. All of our pipes are hand-crafted by glass blowers across America. Each purchase at BadAss Glass helps the glassblower community across the United States.

    Glass Chillums for Smoking

    A glass blunt is ideal for parties and concerts. This straight pipe allows you to light up just about anywhere. Instead of having your lighter hovering over the bowl like with a traditional glass spoon pipe, this pipe will be lit from the front as if you were lighting a cigarette. Perfect for a quick hit and very easy to conceal and put away, no reason glass blunts and chillums are so popular and fun to use.

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