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    Dab Tools

    Do you have the right tool for the job?

    A dabber is one who dabs, of course.

    But a dabber is also an essential instrument used to apply concentrates, waxes, and oils to your heating element. Dabbers come in many different shapes and sizes and are created from several different materials.

    Do you have butterfingers? You’ll want to scoop a durable titanium dabber!

    Nails, carb caps, dabber tools, and accessories are a crucial part of the concentrate (dabbing) process. We have a great selection of accessories, from adjustable nails to domeless nails to shore up your equipment!

    Nails can be made of ceramic, titanium, quartz, and glass and come in a multitude of sizes. Don’t worry, we have it all: 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm, male and female accessories, domed and domeless.

    Dabber tools can be made of the same array of materials, all depending on your preference. You can find bangers, direct inject, flux nails, sidearms, and honey buckets all here!

    Also in this collection, you will find carb caps and dabbing dishes. Carb caps are used to restrict airflow to the rig while you are smoking. Glass dishes make an excellent addition to your dab station. Used for sharing with your friends, place a small amount of your oil on the smooth surface before using your tool to scoop it out.

    While some dabbers opt to use their fingers to drop concentrates onto their heating element, dabbers are the only tool that should ever be used to handle concentrates. Not only are nails very hot, but handling your concentrates with your hands is bad for both you and your concentrates.

    Handling concentrates with bare hands results in the transfer of skin oils and bacteria onto your precious pickup. Skin oils also have the ability to break down and degrade the terpenes in your concentrates. To prevent the transfer of germs and skin oils onto your concentrates (and therefore into your lungs) always handle your concentrates with a dabber— anything but your bare hands!

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