Will smoking out of a bong get you higher than a bowl with the same amount of weed?

by niedesheng

Will smoking out of a bong get you higher than a bowl with the same amount of weed?
Perhaps. Smoking a bong is like smoking a pipe on steroids. There are a few factors, however, to take into consideration:

1.Tolerance Level: Since you’re smoking the same amount of weed, the method by which you intake your cannabis will have the greatest impact on how high you get. And this high is directly correlated with your tolerance. Someone like me, who has been smoking over 20 years, will have the tolerance of a stoned bear. Someone who is more of a casual smoker will have a lower tolerance. Since smoking a bong is essentially blazing your weed in one sitting, if you have a lower tolerance you will definitely become more intoxicated as you are “inhaling” more of you cannabis at once.

2.The strength of your weed: If you are smoking on bunk weed than you’re not going to get very high either way. The natural inclination would be to smoke lower grade weed out of a bong to capitalize on its effects, but this is ass-backward thinking. Think about it this way. What if I gave you a cup of beet juice and told you to sip on it? Sounds easy, right? Okay, what if I gave you a gallon and told you to chug it? Smoking bad weed out of a bong is like chugging a gallon of beet juice.

3.Big Bowl? Small Bong? Big Bong? Small Bowl? Yes, size matters. I know, I know this is hard to hear but Mary Jane is a size queen—Get used to it. The bigger your bowl or bong, the higher you will get. This is simple physics folks. At least I think it is. I failed High School science.

4.How much are you smoking?: I will often pack a bowl, take a couple of hits, feel good and put my bowl away. Bowls are good like that. They’re like prodigal lovers. Bongs, on the other hand, know how to overstay their welcome. You take a couple of tokes of your bong and you might find yourself chained to your couch, simply because it’s easier to track how much you’re smoking with a bowl.

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