Why Not Put Ice in A Bong?

by niedesheng

Why Not Put Ice in A Bong?
The truth is smoking bongs can cause a heated, dry, and irritated throat, which can leave you coughing for longer than you'd like.
However, you can get the relief you need by putting ice in a bong. Let's check it!
I've been experimenting with different ways to make smoking a bong less harsh and more enjoyable for the past 14 years. It wasn't until I understood the ice catcher was there for a reason, to hold ice and much more, that I realized what it was for. A lot of individuals don't even put ice in their bongs. It could be due to laziness or a lack of understanding of how it works. (I've done both.)

So, why not put ice in their bongs? There are several advantages to using ice in a bong, and you'll discover how to achieve smoother, better-tasting, and larger pulls from yours.
You can always find new ways to improve your smoking experience, such as adding ice to a bong, whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to smoking in general.
For years, cannabis smokers have been inventing novel ways to smoke, and this is just one of the numerous ways they've made bong smoking more enjoyable while also providing additional advantages.

Here are four that will improve your next smoking experience:
1.Smoke is Filtered by Using Ice in A Bong
For starters, this is why ice catchers exist. They're supposed to work as a smoke filtration device.
Because the bong can't do it on its own, you'll need to add ice to reap the benefits of a clean, filtered hit.

2. Ice Adds Flavor to a Bong
When you add ice to a bong, you not only receive filtered smoke, but you also get extra flavor.
This greatly enriches the smoking experience, whether you're getting the most flavor out of your bud or adding your own additions.

3. Adding Ice to A Bong Serves As A Splash Guard
The splash back from bong water, no matter who you are, is never desired, especially when it occurs unexpectedly.
This is the sole reason why some people are put off by water bongs. Ice in a bong can avoid this since it acts as a splash guard when it is placed directly above the water chamber.

4. When Using A Bong with Ice, You can Take Larger Rips.
When you smoke a bong, you're probably hoping to get a big hit that will keep you stoned for a few hours. Because ice screens the smoke, it allows you to take cooler hits, which allows you to take bigger hits.

The Use of Ice In A Bong Ensures A Smoother Hit
The addition of ice to a bong bong makes a significant difference. If you've ever been curious about the grooves in the center of your bong, now you know. Those grooves serve as ice catchers, preventing ice from falling into the water chamber.
Simply insert ice (four or five pieces) through the top of the bong and allow the ice catcher to catch them before they fall into the water chamber.
Fill your bowl, take a huge rip, and relax. While putting ice in a bong isn't needed, it does make a tremendous difference.

What is an Ice Catcher and How Does It Work?
The water chamber cools the smoke already, but adding ice causes the smoke to travel through the bong and hit the ice.
This lowers the warmth of the smoke, making it easier and more comfortable to inhale.
When you add ice to a bong, this cooling process will make a considerable difference. Just be careful not to overfill the water chamber.
As the ice melts, the levels will rise.Keep an eye on the water level in the chamber and empty it if it becomes too full.

How to Use Ice to Add Different Flavors to Your Bong
You probably didn't think of using an ice-filled bong when you first started smoking; after all, why would you?
There was no one around to explain what those grooves were for or how to use them.
So it's likely that adding multiple tastes to the ice catcher never occurred to you.
I remember it took me a while to realize that I could make my smoking experiences more enjoyable by changing the water, adding fruits, or ice with varied flavors are all options.

Using Flavored Water or a Different Liquid
When smoking with ice in a bong, this is arguably the most common approach for users to vary the flavor profile.
It is not only the most frequent, but it is also the simplest of the three options.
All you have to do is swap out the water in the chamber for whatever liquid you like.
Some people use mouthwash to give their breath a minty fresh flavor. Others choose to drink Gatorade, Kool-aid, or their favorite flavored water.
You may greatly improve the flavor with whichever drink you desire.

Adding Fruit into the Ice Catcher
This is one of my favorites; by combining ice and fruit, the smoke will add whatever flavor you choose as it strikes the ice catcher.
When using a bong with ice, some smokers like to add orange slices, strawberries, apples, or even kiwi.
As a result, as the smoke meets the mixed ice, the flavor is quickly altered, resulting in a delightful, refreshing, fruity impact.
This method has so many possibilities that it is one of my favorites. After utilizing fruits, make sure to fully clean your bong.

Ice Cubes with Flavors in Your Ice Bong
You can actually freeze other liquids and add them to the ice catcher if you have access to ice molds.
You'll need to make sure your ice molds aren't too big or too small to fit into the bong without falling into the water chamber.
For years, stoners all around the world have experimented with this method of flavoring.
Using ice in a bong gives you the option of enhancing your flavor in a multitude of ways. So how you smoke and what you taste is all up to you, whether you use soda, juices, or even iced coffee molds.

Last Thoughts on Using an Ice Bong
Anyone who has or wants to improve their overall smoking experience should put ice in their bong.
Not only can you take cleaner, smoother, and larger drags with an ice bong, but you also get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of testing out new flavors.
Therefore, put some ice in your bongs, long coughs, aching throats, and a burning chest are no longer an issue. Simply add ice in a bong to cool down your smoke and experience a better high.

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