Unknown Facts: The Benefits of Using a Bong to Smoke

by Liu Renhao

Unknown Facts: The Benefits of Using a Bong to Smoke

The history of bongs is long and storied. For hundreds of years, they've been a mainstay of the smoking community. However, in recent years, their overall popularity has increased dramatically. Bongs now come with a slew of cutting-edge, innovative features that help to mitigate some of the most disagreeable elements of their usage. As a result, they are more appreciated and needed than ever before.

Furthermore, many people feel that, in the "traditional sense," bongs are the best method to ingest herbs. Many smokers consider the water filtration mechanism included into each bong to be a great technique of eliminating carcinogens. Others like bongs because of their versatility, efficiency, unrivaled taste, and historical importance. And by "historical importance," we mean its indisputable standing as the "mother of all smoking devices" for numerous centuries. What may be compared? We realize personally as an online headshop that bongs are the original smoker's favorite mode of consumption, and we have nothing but appreciation and respect for them.

What Exactly Is It About Bongs That Makes Them So Unique?

The filtering of the water is the key reason why most smokers prefer a bong over a normal glass pipe. When smoking cigars or traditional glass pipes, you face the danger of inhaling burned ash or tar. Simply said, this has been a really terrible experience. Nobody has ever gone through this hardship and said to themselves, "This is nice."

This is not an issue with bongs, thankfully. In the water, the ash is trapped. As a consequence, it stops the trash from moving forward - especially, into your mouth.

Bongs are also admired for their ability to capture things other than ash. Bongs are also known for collecting and filtering harmful carcinogens and smoke-borne toxins that anybody inhales using a regular pipe. The smoke is also chilled before it reaches the mouthpiece thanks to the water filtration. As a consequence, it's easier to digest and doesn't irritate our lungs or throats.

Using a bong is far smoother, cooler, and delicious than smoking a conventional dry glass pipe. Bubblers combine the mobility of a hand pipe with the greater filtering of a bong, making them ideal for smaller amounts of cannabis. Because of its simplicity of use and less risk of clogging, a bong is still the better choice.

Water Filtration's Importance

The water in bongs also helps to filter out a lot of tar. This is what causes bong water to darken over time. To guarantee effective filtration and cooling, keep your bong clean. Smoking through a dirty bong water ruins the taste and fragrance of even the best plants and concentrates. Others, on the other hand, believe that smoking through a bong absorbs more of the therapeutic compounds included in common plants than inhaling straight from the tar. They also expect that, in the future, we will need to smoke more from a bong to have the same effects, since the water in the bong absorbs a big portion of the chemicals.

Bong technology has progressed dramatically in recent years. As a consequence, a slew of new percolators, glycerin coils, and features have been created to improve and maximize our smoking experiences. Smoking from a bong with a simple percolator, for example, generates very huge bubbles with a little surface area. The surface area is greatly expanded when a more contemporary percolator produces smaller bubbles. As a consequence, filtering will be better and smoke will be cooler.

For the smoothest hits, we highly advise that you use an ash collector with your bong. This improves water filtration and smoking quality while also trapping any ash that enters the bong. Finally, this guarantees that your bong remains clean and effective, as well as providing consistent, ideal performance.

Where Can You Find the Most Distinctive Bongs?

They are easily found on the internet. You may browse for bongs online after you've decided what you want from yours and come across some very unique items. Another benefit of purchasing online is the lower prices; many online stores, such as Eaglebongs, provide a large assortment of bongs at reasonable prices.

You also have access to a wide range of brands while purchasing online. Certain brands are undeniably the best in the business, especially in terms of price-to-performance. The low pricing at Eaglebongs are well-known. It offers a few novel solutions that are high-quality and pleasing to the minimalist eye, but its concentration on aesthetics should not be mistaken for a lack of quality. While Eaglebongs is a newer competitor, its highly intricate glasswork is quickly exceeding several established brands.


Essentially, no matter how many new methods or technologies are developed, bongs will continue to rule supreme as a smoking apparatus for many years to come. Its history, efficiency, workmanship, and taste retention (among many other qualities) have enchanted generations of smokers and will continue to enthral many more.