The 7 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Bong Safe

by Liu Renhao

The 7 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Bong Safe

It's no secret that dedicated smokers form strong ties with their favorite pieces. What started off as a basic smoking utensil may easily become one of your most prized things over time! However, one unfortunate fall might put an end to your beloved pipe's life.

We've devised a couple guaranteed methods for keeping your component intact for as long as you need it. Continue reading to discover how to preserve your favorite item from breaking, whether it's a bong, dab rig, bubbler, or glass bowl.

1.Invest in scientific glass that is built to last.

Not all bongs are created equal. There are several low-quality bongs on the market that will not last as long as higher-quality items. This is particularly dangerous for smokers who purchase on sites that advertise inexpensive costs but lack the quality to back them up. That is why smokers who want their piece to last a long time should invest in a scientific glass bong.

Glass that is thicker

Scientific bongs, in general, feature stronger glass that can survive more clumsy falls than other pieces. This isn't something most buyers think about, yet it's crucial.

To put this in context, most inexpensive bongs are made of glass that is just 2-3mm thick. They might break after a short or long fall. Glass that is at least 4mm thick is used in the construction of higher-quality scientific bongs and bubblers. These bongs can survive impact because to the extra glass. Even more resistant scientific bongs are available, with glass as thick as 9mm and the ability to withstand extended falls.

Bongs that have a wide base

Even if the glass thickness isn't a concern, certain top-heavy bongs are prone to tipping over. Investing in a percolator bong with a broader base is one simple method to avoid this. Your water pipe will stay sturdy on flat surfaces like the coffee table, floor, and more with a broader base.

Dewar's Joint is a joint owned by Dewar's.

Although the bong's thickness is vital, your water pipe might still be damaged if the bowl and body are not securely connected. When the connection between the bowl and the body of the piece is reinforced by a Dewar's Joint, the piece is far less prone to shatter.

Purchase a Silicone Bong.

If you're afraid about damaging your glass bong, don't purchase glass at all! Silicone bongs are a popular new trend among both new and experienced smokers. They're also entirely damage-resistant.

These silicone components provide smokers a great deal of flexibility without jeopardizing the water pipe's functionality. The water has excellent filtration because to the straight tube design. Silicone bongs are ideal for usage when traveling since they cannot break. Many silicone bongs may be folded to make them even smaller!

Clean your piece thoroughly and on a regular basis.

Cleaning your pipe is necessary whether you smoke once a week or once a month. It's far more fun to smoke from a clean piece than from a filthy, congested one. It's also a lot better for you. Here's where you can learn how to clean your item.

If you put off cleaning your piece, you'll have to put in a lot more effort when you finally do. It's simple to drop your perc bong or strike an item like the faucet while shaking it to get all the gunk out. Using sharp tools to remove super-sticky glue might also cause the glass to break. Clean your item carefully and periodically to avoid cleaning disasters and to keep it safe.

After each use, empty the water.

It's a no-brainer to fill your water pipe to the proper amount before smoking. It's the only way to obtain the smooth, clean taste you've come to expect. However, you should always remember to drain the water when you've finished smoking.

Aside from the obvious advantages of avoiding storing unclean water in your perc bong, draining the water in your pipe may also help to prevent it from fracturing. Although it's not usual, the temperature of the water might drop. The water expands as a result of this. If the glass expands too much, it may break. For smokers who store their pipes in colder rooms, basements, or other chilly regions, draining the bong water is a necessary.

Transport it with caution.

Nothing beats leaving work to grab your pipe, go over to a friend's place, and unwind with a pleasant smoke session. However, if you're not cautious, your glass bong may shatter in the process. That's why having a carrying case is so important.

If you're going on a smokers' road trip and want to transport your bong in a backpack, duffel bag, or gym bag, cushion it beforehand. If you stop short while driving or drop it, clothes, a towel, or bubble wrap may make all the difference. A glasses case could suffice for tiny glass bowls or bubblers.

Before putting it away, remove the bowl and downstem.

For everyday smokers, leaving the water pipe out on the coffee table is a normal practice. It's a nice way to display your item while while keeping it accessible. However, if you have clumsy friends, family, or dogs in the home, be sure to put it somewhere secure. Walking around the house and crashing into the coffee table may be your bong's doom. You can be confident it won't break when you store it someplace else!

Removing the bowl and downstem from your bong now may save you a lot of trouble later. Because they're both glass (and probably the same color), they'll mix in well with your bong. Moving your piece about with the bowl and downstem inside, on the other hand, might cause them to clash and shatter. Even grasping your piece fast might cause the glass to shatter!

Pass (With Caution!) Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, Puff, P

Last but not least, make sure your pals are also taking care of your water pipe!

We're not suggesting that you don't let your pals smoke from your bong. That's an important part of smoking etiquette. If you're organizing a group smoking session or bringing your bong to meet some pals, make sure your guests treat it with respect. Pass it gently and with both hands throughout the room, and don't leave it alone.

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