Should I make a cannabis joint or use a bong to smoke it?

by Liu Renhao

Should I make a cannabis joint or use a bong to smoke it?

Pros: Simply shred a little piece of smoking paper, lay a small amount of cannabis inside, wrap it up, seal it, light it, inhale, and put it away.
Slowly inhale while you savor every kush, anytime and whenever you choose. It's not difficult to transport.
Cons: When you smoke a joint, you're also inhaling the paper's byproducts. There is less THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in the product.

Pros: You just inhale the stuff you're burning with a bong. In addition, the smoke from a bong is frequently filtered by water or the substance used to fill the bong.
When opposed to joints, you receive a larger concentration of THC (The Happy Chemical) in a single dose.
When compared to smoking the same quantity of marijuana via joints, it is more efficient at providing an intense high in fewer hits.
Cons: Taking it with you to places is always a headache.
You don't get to smoke it slowly like in a joint, and yeah, it's a very different experience.

Finally, if you don't want to spend the money on a bong or deal with the inconvenience of rolling joints, try using a glass pipe. The Eaglebongs brand is now considered the top vape brand.