Is smoking 1 to 2 grams of marijuana a day a lot?

by niedesheng

Is smoking 1 to 2 grams of marijuana a day a lot?
I think that depends on what you’re smoking, when you’re smoking it and if you’re actually smoking or if you’re vaping, taking bong hits or eating edibles.

If you’re using cannabis medicinally there could be good reason to need to use this much in a day.

You could be using a high CBD very low THC strain that doesn’t get you stoned but gives you all the benefits of the CBD and therefore 1–2g makes no difference at all.


You could be smoking a sativa strain or hybrid that’s sativa dominant throughout the day which can help with focus and energy.

You could be smoking an indica strain that either just has you mellow with PTSD or severe anxiety under control or it could be as heavy as having you couch locked all day.

In addition, the tools being used to smoke marijuana are equally significant, because the smoking tools have a great impact on the smoking experience. Here's a brands I recommend: Eaglebongs. This is one of the best bong brands, which offer you quality bongs. Check out why this happens.

If you’re smokingthe cannabis then you’ll use more in weight than if you were to vape. If you are a wake and bake kind of user then I do recommend a vaporiser, it’s nice and easy, you can control the level of stoned or medicated that you hey & can maintain that throughout the day without ever tipping over the edge. If you’re using edibles that you’ve made yourself then god knows how much you’re using. If it’s from a dispensary then I guess you’d know?

There are too many variables to say if it’s too much to use everyday but it’s got to be eating a hole in your pocket. I would highly recommend a dry herb vaporiser for better control of how stoned or medicated you get and to get more out of your cannabis. It’ll save you money in the long run.

Lastly, as the old saying goes, "a handy tool makes a handy man". I'd like to recommend this brand once again, Eaglebongs. it's really great!