by Liu Renhao


Isn't it that time of year when the grime on the windows simply keeps piling up?

Spending more time indoors means getting more use out of each item, but it also means more cleaning. Even after a full rotation, keeping every dab rig, bong, or bubbler component absolutely clean might be difficult. What steps may be taken to safeguard my hygiene during these periods, if you're wondering? DHC has a few neat tricks under its sleeve to give you a glimpse of the many actions that may be taken to make smoking a bit cleaner and safer in these situations.

Clean your windows on a regular basis.

This is one of the most fundamental, but crucial, things to remember throughout this period. Whatever you're using, whether it's a dry pipe, a water pipe, a silicone piece, or a custom piece, keep it clean! Isopropyl Alcohol and table salt are a simple and effective approach to keep it clean. There are other products that specialise in glass cleaning solutions, such as ResRemover, which is ideal for removing deep filth and debris from glassware. Here's a link to our blog post on how to restore glass to its original state.

Replace the water on a regular basis.

Whatever kind of gadget is being used, if it needs water, it should be replaced on a regular basis. Glass health ensures the highest level of delivery, not just in terms of how it feels, but also in terms of how it affects the body. Keeping it clean may extend the life of the glass, allowing it to endure longer.

Make use of an ash catcher.

An ash collector serves as an additional glass filtering system, which is ideal for this time of year. The aim of these add-ons is self-explanatory: they capture any additional ash that falls through during pulling, resulting in a cleaner and smoother rip. This gives the cleanest, most filtered hit imaginable, as well as the best performance for any regular piece. Take a look at the

Hemp wick should be used.

One of the simplest and most easy methods to maintain healthier smoking habits is to use hemp wick. By switching to hemp wick, you avoid the fumes and chemicals that come with lighting a bowl and instead choose for a more natural option. Hempwick also burns at a lower temperature than a typical lighter, producing smoother, more flavorful smoke. Wrapping the wick around the lighter or item as a storage solution ensures that it is never forgotten! Check out the tiny package, which contains not only hemp wick but also pipe cleaners for those difficult-to-reach streams!

After each usage, clean the area.

This is a fairly generic rule that largely applies to dabbers. Because the nail tends to accumulate resin more quickly, it's essential to maintain cleaning tools on hand and close to the set up. Fortunately, the industry has already devised a solution; Glob Mops are a handy cotton swab cleaning device that is ideal for both single use and cleaning after each usage. This is a simple technique to maintain glass cleanliness, resulting in consistently clean and high-quality deliveries.

Use a roach clip or a joint holder.

Use a joint clip to prevent germs from infiltrating the direct area of the cone that is placed against the mouth. When the cone is ignited, this keeps it in place, making it more safer to smoke with a friend while still adhering to safety requirements. DHC features a special branded gold roach clip that's ideal for preventing oversharing, and the chain is meant to keep it from becoming lost by putting it around your neck so it's always ready to use!

Smoke with a friend.

This is particularly for individuals who are trapped at home and may live in an area where smoking is discouraged. This odour resistant and resin blocking technology may be ideal if you share a home with roommates, family members, or reside in a shared complex. Even the most powerful rips leave no trace or odour thanks to the Smoke Buddy, which keeps residual smoke within.

Maintain proper bowl hygiene.

Finally, be sure to keep your bowl clean; just because it's the tiniest component doesn't mean it shouldn't be cleaned properly. It is, in fact, one of the most often used sections of glass, thus it is critical to maintain it in excellent working order. Regular cleanings, properly ashing the item after each use, and avoiding letting resin buildup on the interior might all help. One simple method to guarantee it's totally removed every time is to use a special dish for it; check out the nifty debowler for only $6.99 on our online store.

Make use of filters.

Usage a filter when sharing as possible to prevent directly sharing bits with others; filters may also be useful for personal use to guarantee the cleanest approaches. This MouthPeace kit, which contains three carbon filters, is now available at DHC. A filter like this will not only protect your lips and tongue from harm, but it will also make your hit smoother.


When it comes to smoking and safety, there are a plethora of dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, and pipe tool accessories to choose from, but the most important thing is to listen to your body. Smoke in moderation and take additional measures when it comes to your health.

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