Everything You Need To Know About Headshops is available in the Headshop Encyclopedia

by Liu Renhao

Everything You Need To Know About Headshops is available in the Headshop Encyclopedia.

If you're a new smoker or haven't been to a headshop in a while, you're probably unfamiliar with all of the lingo. For someone who isn't familiar with the jargon, buying a bong online might be perplexing. As smoking and glass evolve, new percolators, domeless nails, and other smoking goods become available that you may not be aware of. This tutorial will explain what all of these terms represent and make buying in our Online Headshop as simple as possible.

Adapter - Adapters are little glass pieces used to adjust the size, angle, or sex of a water pipe's connection so that other nails, ashcatchers, and bowls can be used.

The term "airtight" usually refers to a storage container. To keep your dried herbs from going bad or drying out too much, put them in an airtight jar.

Ashcatchers are optional water pipe upgrade accessories that keep your water pipe cleaner by preventing ash from entering it while also providing another layer of filtration and diffusion.

The heating element of a vaporizer that vaporizes dry herbs, concentrates, or liquids so that they may be inhaled is known as an atomizer.

A bubbler is a hand pipe with water filtration to chill your smoke before consuming it. Water pipe advantages combined with the mobility of a hand pipe

The glass bowl of a water pipe is where you put your dried herbs to be smoked.

Borosilicate glass is a high-quality form of glass that is commonly used to make water pipes. Because of its durability to high temperatures and sturdy construction to avoid breakage, borosilicate is used in many of our water pipes.

A water pipe with a beaker-shaped base is known as a Beaker Base. Beaker bottoms have been around for a long time and, due to their broader base, are frequently more sturdy than a standard straight tube. In addition, they carry a lot more water than straight tube bongs.

Carb Cap - A must-have dabbing accessory that helps preserve heat so you may vaporize your concentrates at lower temperatures by regulating airflow from your domeless nail.

Chillum - A one-hitter glass pipe with a straight stem.

Water Pipes intended to extract the most flavor from concentrates are known as dab rigs or vapor rigs. Smaller in size and frequently containing recyclers.

Dabber - A tool for scooping up concentrates so they may be securely applied to your nail. Dabbers are available in a variety of forms and shapes.

Diffused Downstem - Usually encountered in water pipes with a beaker bottom or straight tubes. On the bottom of the glass tube, there are multiple tiny openings that operate as a percolator.

A dab nail that does not require the use of a glass dome. Domeless nails allow you to pack more concentrates into your nail and dabs at a lower temperature.

Drop Down - A glass attachment for water pipes that allows you to slide or drop your nail or bowl away from your piece, preventing heat damage to your glass.

Fumed Glass is unusual in that it is manufactured with genuine silver or gold and emits a variety of hues depending on the light.

Ground Junction - The most common type of water pipe joint, which is sanded to ensure that your glass attachments fit snugly.

Hand Pipe - A glass pipe that can be held in one hand and does not have any water filtering. A carb cap is usually included for ventilation.

Ice pinches are found at the top of water pipes and let you to add ice to chill down your smoke even further. The ice pinch prevents the ice from falling into the piece's bottom.

Incycler - Similar to a recycler, except instead of an exterior arm or chamber, the water is recycled inside the pipe.

Inline - A form of percolator that consists of a straight glass tube with tiny openings on the top and bottom to aid in the filtering of smoke.

Keck Clip - Also known as the K Clip. Is a water pipe component made of plastic that keeps your downstem and other accessories from falling out.

Vaporize concentrates with a nail. Ceramic, quartz, glass, or titanium are the most common materials used.

Instead of water pipelines and dab rigs, percolators are various glass filtering devices. Percs keep your smoke cold and filter it for smoother hits. There are several styles to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Polished Junction - Unlike ordinary sanded joints, this water pipe joint is polished. Polished joints not only appear better, but they also operate better and stick less.

A.K.A. "Piece" Any glass pipe will do.

Recycler - A recycler is a type of glass water pipe that continually recycles water through its chambers. To improve filtration, your water and smoke move continuous. Concentrates are widely recycled in recyclers.

Scientific Glass is any borosilicate glass water pipe with many percolators.

Splash Guard - A device that keeps water out of your mouth. Typically found at the very top of a water pipe.

A water pipe that is perfectly straight is known as a straight tube.

A water pipe without a replaceable downstem is known as a stemless pipe. This is the most common form of water pipe these days since it has fewer components that might fail.

Sherlock - A hand pipe in the shape of an antique tobacco pipe. Longer than ordinary hand pipes and fashioned like a S.

Tips - When rolling up, use glass or paper as a filter. A lot of rolling sheets come with suggestions.

A water pipe is referred to as a tube in slang.

Water pipe joints and accessories are available in three sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. These are the three typical sizes. And it might be either a man or a woman.


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