Bong Accessories at Their Finest

by Liu Renhao

Bong Accessories at Their Finest

Bong Accessories at Their Finest
The bong has been a mainstay of stoner culture for hundreds of years, dating back to the days of bamboo water pipes. The bong has become the weapon of choice for smokers seeking a cooler, smoother smoking experience. The handy water pipes have evolved into icons, with their own styles, kinds, and personalized changes.

Bongs have a huge benefit over other cannabis smoking techniques in that they allow you to modify and enhance your smoking experience. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from simple chamber and bowl designs to elaborate custom-blown glass masterpieces. Various attachments and additions can improve the smoking experience, improve diffusing and filtering, or simply change the look of your favorite bong.

We've compiled a list of the top bong accessories of all time, complete with a brief description of each and how it may enhance your bong smoking experience. Because listing all of the bong accessories that can make a difference is practically impossible, we picked the most common ones that have a beneficial impact on the smoking experience.


Grinders are an important piece of equipment for every stoner. They are available in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as varying blade diameters for a finer or coarser grind. Investing in a high-quality grinder that will last for years and has enough space to grind greater amounts of cannabis should be your first priority.

Pay attention to the quality of the grinder's structure, opting for metal construction and high-quality blades to endure the rigors of regular usage. Avoid grinders that appear to be gimmicks or that are made of plastic.


Hydrostones, which started out as a way to keep tobacco fresh on lengthy voyages, are now making waves in the cannabis sector. A decent hydrostone will assist you maintain the freshness of your cannabis while it's being kept, as well as regenerate dried-out material. Hydrostones are made of kiln-baked terracotta and are very simple to use. All you have to do is soak them and place them in the cannabis storage container.

They're cheap and come in a range of forms and sizes. Hydrostones have a long lifespan and are completely reusable. It's never been easier to keep your stash fresh and ready to smoke.

Percolators And Ashcatchers

When utilizing a bong, ashcatchers and percolators are vital for enhancing the smoking experience. The main purpose of an ashcatcher is to keep ash from the ignition chamber from getting into other areas of the bong, such as the water chamber. They readily attach to the majority of current bongs, enhancing the smoking experience while also extending the duration between cleanings.

Percolators filter cannabis smoke in a different way, making it more mellow and pleasant to inhale. The majority of bongs already have percolators. They may also be purchased as an add-on with more functionality and filtering settings. Both of these items are necessary if you want to get the ideal smoking experience for you.

Backpacks and Carrying Bags for Bongs

Carrying a bong about is unquestionably stressful for the owner. The majority of bongs are fairly delicate and require special care. Furthermore, the water within the bong has the potential to leak and harm your baggage, not to mention the odor. Finally, it's worthless to bring the bong about without any attachments or other smoking materials.

All indications lead to bongs requiring a unique carrying bag, case, or backpack. Several firms have considered this and developed carrying bags in various sizes. They protect your glass bong from breakage, prevent leaking, reduce odor spread, retain your discretion and privacy, and allow you to carry all of the required equipment and supplies.

Bangers made of quartz

One of the most appealing aspects of having a bong is the ability to easily alter it into a new smoking experience while also extending its use and lifespan. Buying a quartz banger for your bong and converting it into a dab rig is a terrific way to achieve this. Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular among stoners, particularly among those seeking a more intense high than that provided by bong smoking.

With the exception of the ignition chamber, bongs and dab rings have a lot in common. By providing a spot to burn the wax or shatter, a quartz banger allows you to utilize the bong as a dab rig. They are affordable and provide your bong additional versatility.

Attachments for Glass Bowls

Glass bowl attachments are one of the most often used bong accessories. They might be completely decorative with no usefulness, or they can have some unique qualities that alter how you use your bong. The ornamental accessories offer a touch of class to your bong and make it stand out from the crowd.

Many features of the bong smoking experience may be influenced by functional attachments, such as changing the airflow during smoking to expand the size of the ignition chamber or enhancing the overall grip of the bong.

Holders of Joints/Blunts

There are times when having a bong at your side is impractical. Bongs provide a more refined and personalized smoking experience, but they may be cumbersome to transport. Stoners frequently use joints or blunts as their preferred way of smoking cannabis on those few occasions. Smoking them, however, can color your fingers, create a strong stench, or just make it hard to finish the joint/blunt.

For these instances, joint or blunt holders are perfect. There are many different types of holders available, ranging from those that just accomplish this purpose to ones that have greater aesthetics and design.


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