Benefits of Smoking a Bong

by niedesheng

Benefits of Smoking a Bong

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The name of the pipes " bong " comes from a phonetic derivation of the Thai word "baung" and that the American soldiers brought from the Vietnam War as another form adapted from that place to be able to smoke. With the passage of time it became popular to such a degree that it spread very quickly throughout North America, then throughout the Western world, until today we all know where to buy bongs in Mexico.

The truth is that to date not enough studies have been carried out with marijuana, but the analyzes that have been done with tobacco indicate that by smoking in a bong, up to 90% of the toxins that are generated can be eliminated when smoking. 

Benefits of smoking in bongs

  • Many say that it is the best way to smoke cannabissince the long-term effects are minimized, allowing you to access the smoke in a healthier way. 
  • In a study carried out in 1991, it was shown that marijuana smoke that is filtered by water removes cytotoxins that are known to damage immune cells.
  • In a bong, only marijuana is smoked, unlike when it is smoked in a cane, because in addition to affecting the tasting experience, substances that affect respiratory health are inhaled. 
  • When smoked from a bong, you can taste all the nuances of whatever marijuana strain you are ingesting.
  • It's quick and easy. Did you run out of gray hair and can't find your pipe? No problem, you just need a lighter and give yourself a quick train of that holy herb that you love.  
  • By smoking in a bong you can better control the amount you drink and you can be sure that nothing is wasted.  
  • Marijuana is used less when it is smoked in a touch or joint, because while you talk and run it it is consumed, so it will yield less.
  • When you smoke in a bong, you have access to a cooled and filtered smoke, so it is possible to retain it longer, then you will have a better consumption and a longer lasting effect.

Why is it important to change the water in your bong?

We can see it in the brands of mini bongs, and it is that many think that the first bacteria in the bong water appear just one day after it is used for the first time. The worst thing is that these bacteria are still inhaled if the water is not changed and they go directly to your lungs, which could be a cause of infection.

Remember that water is a filter that accumulates toxic waste that turns it dark, something like water from drains. The worst thing is that the longer you have it, the longer you will be inhaling these chemicals and bacteria. It is recommended that you change it every two days, as you can fill it with tap water, it will not cost you anything to go to the tap (water) and refill it.

Additionally, marijuana will potentially diminish its distinctive taste and smell. It could also happen that you hit it by accident and spill the contents that will spread the foul smell where it falls. So if you really call yourself a real pacheco you can't afford these disgusting hazing.

As suppliers of bongs, we know that they do not cost three pesos and that if you have already decided to invest in buying your super bong at BRSTR , you must take care of it and keep it clean. We recommend that to always smoke with style, it is important to change the water frequently, you will see that your pacheco friends will also thank you very much.

Although if we are talking about health, although water pipes are a much better option to filter marijuana smoke, using vaporizers is still the most effective to try to cause the least damage to your lungs. And it is that these holy vaps are able to completely avoid combustion by heating the marijuana and at a lower temperature.

How to clean a bong and what is needed?

  1. Isopropyl alcohol
  2. Salt
  3. Plastic bag

Cleaning process of a bong

  • Disassemble the bong in all its parts.
  • Fill it with alcohol, an amount similar to the water you would use for smoking.
  • Sufficient salt is added and stirred until these two elements are incorporated.
  • Stirring continues for about 20 minutes and then it will surely be as good as new.

* To clean small pipes, it should be put in a plastic bag (remember to check that it does not have holes).

* Alcohol and salt are placed inside the bag, then the pipe is submerged and left to rest for an hour.

According to the National Survey on the Consumption of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco (Encodat), it pointed out that from 2011 to 2016, of the total population, the consumption of any type of illegal drug, such as marijuana, rose from 7.8% to 10.3%. However, the consumption of the other drugs remained stable.

Aaaah, but yes, the statistics also indicated that women are the most pachecas in the world , the consumption index increased about two times, going from 1.6% in 2011 to 3.7% in 2016. With respect to other types of illegal drugs, the figures show that they went from 2.3% to 4.3%.  

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