5 pointers for dabbing newbies

by Liu Renhao

5 pointers for dabbing newbies

Are you interested in trying out tiny dab rigs but are a bit hesitant?

Try these simple tips to get you through it.

Dabbing might be intimidating if you haven't had much experience with concentrates.

Purchase wax, learn all there is to know about the rig... a Bunsen burner?!

Fortunately, dabbing isn't difficult, and these pointers should assist you in making a seamless transition.

Many individuals who have gotten used to dabbing claim that they like the flavor and that they get a clearer, more euphoric high.

Concentrates may give immediate and effective relief for therapeutic reasons due to their strength.


The following items are required for dabbing:

Bong / rig

A "nail" that fits on or into the bong's connector.

It's just a tube with a little rim for melting concentrates.

A "stick" (dabber) is a utensil that allows you to pick up your concentration and dab it on your nail.

a bunsen stove

Make careful to dab your nail if you've never used your equipment before.

This will assist you avoid getting a foul taste when you inhale, making the experience more enjoyable.

It's akin to when you burn something in a frying pan.

Heat your nail to 260 degrees Celsius, then coat it with either the concentrate or hemp oil, and let it cool.

Repeat this process 2-3 times to ensure that it is well burned in.

Some individuals just throw the hot nail into the water and repeat the process a few times.

Place your nail in your rig and heat it up with your bunsen burner now that it's been burnt in.

While inhaling, dab the concentrate on your nail with your dabber.

Do not attempt to remove the nail as you would with a bong.

Your fingertips will be burned.

Some nails include a "dome" that fits over the nail and helps to keep the steam trapped.

These sections may be rather intricate, and some of them can be mistaken for a work of art.

Other rig types employ a pan that is heated with a Bunsen burner before being swiveled into the proper position.

Inhale and dab the concentration on the pan at the same time to get as much steam as possible.

You may completely remove the flames by obtaining a pen vaporizer or an electric nail that will adjust the temperature to evaporate your concentration.


Flowers are less effective than concentrates.

When you smoke the buds, you're also burning the plant's organic portions, which contain less THC - generally about 20%.

The concentrate is produced from the section of the flower with the greatest THC concentration, and depending on the extraction procedure, it may contain anywhere from 60 to 99 percent THC.

This is why someone with little expertise with concentrates should start with a minimal dosage.

Begin with just enough to cover the tip of your dabber and work your way up.


Some folks are more agitated while dabbing concentrates since the THC levels are greater.

It takes some getting accustomed to, but if you realize you're becoming more worried, the sensation will normally lessen as your tolerance grows.

The potency might also extend the high for many hours.

Prepare to spend some time wherever you are before organizing any activities.

You'll be able to tell when you're ready to act if you know your dose.

Plan to remain at home for an hour to a few hours if this is your first time.


Be ready to enjoy your high if you want your first time dabbing to be nice.

The neck may itch a bit once the nails are heated to roughly 482 ° C.

Make sure you have enough of water on hand to stay cool.

Always have some munchies on hand.

Some individuals get dizzy when they begin dabbing, so plan some snacks to help you get through it.


Nobody wants the rig to become filthy, so make a point of cleaning it well after each usage.

Wipe your nail with a clean towel or alcohol wipes after heating it.

You may also use the Bunsen burner to burn off the sticky residue on the nail.

Avoid scratching your nail since the metal scraped off may enter into your concentration (depends on your nail).

When you've finished cleaning everything and want to keep the remainder of your concentrate, store it on parchment paper rather than wax paper.

Wax may melt into the concentrate, making it difficult to scrape off afterwards; however, parchment paper does not have this issue.

There's no need to be concerned about dabbing; it may be a relaxing activity that also provides immediate relief from your medical problem.

You'll be a dabbing pro before you know it if you take care of your setup and yourself.

Relax and enjoy yourself.