5 Easy Ways to Make Your Dabbing Experience Better

by Liu Renhao

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Dabbing Experience Better
If you haven't been living under a rock, you're well aware that dabbing is now sweeping the globe. We're experts in dabs, dabbing, and dab rigs because we're an online headshop.

You may be wondering what dabbing is.

The condensed forms of plants or herbs are known as dabs. Essentially, they're manufactured utilizing solvents and the extraction of chemical components from plants. Wax, shatter, or budder is the completed result, which is a sticky, goopy oil.

Dabbing is unquestionably the more current method of consuming herbs. The oils are heated on a hot surface (typically a nail) before being ingested through a dab rig. That's it - you're all caught up!

We've compiled a list of techniques to enhance your dabbing experience for those of you who are just getting started with dabbing. Basically, they will aid in making your trip as memorable as possible.

1. Don't forget to wear your gloves!

Sure, this seems to be a touch crazy and outlandish. When it comes down to it, dabs have a lot of taste, but they're slimy and sticky. If you use your bare hands to handle the wax, your fingers will get slimy and sticky as well. It's also possible to contaminate the dab.

That's right: if you don't use gloves, microorganisms from your hands may enter the oil via your skin. This will eventually result in dilution or contamination. Wearing gloves is a simple way to keep your plants contaminant-free.

2. Turn Down the Heat

You've probably heard a dabbing horror tale if you're a part of the smoke/dab community. As this new smoking habit arises, so will stories of negative experiences. Naturally, the more individuals who experiment, the more probable it is that those trials will fail.

Have you ever heard a story about a bad taste or chest pain? So, what's this? That's almost certainly a side effect of a very high fever.

After the heating process, seasoned smokers know to let their dab nail (or banger) cool. The concentrations combust if the nail overheats. This is ultimately what produces a bad taste and discomfort.

An too hot flame may also obliterate the components that give dabbing its scent and taste. And these are the goods for which you pay!

If you wish to prevent these problems, always let your nail or banger cool after heating it. Additionally, it is considered proper dabbing etiquette to keep the temperature low.

3. Invest in a Carb Cap

A carb cap is essentially a carburetor for your dab setup. It also restricts the quantity of air that reaches the dab nail. As a consequence, you'll be able to gather the remaining of your dab to finish your hit.

When you cap your nail, the reduced airflow lowers the strain on your rig. As a result, the boiling temperature is reduced. Essentially, you'll receive a rich, tasty dose of smoke.

4. Keep Your Rig Clean!

It is critical to maintain your smoking/dabbing device clean, regardless of the kind. In general, there are several reasons to keep whatever you smoke clean.

It's not only about keeping up with the Joneses in terms of cleanliness and looks. Furthermore, a clean dab rig will provide you with higher-quality hits. A clean rig will provide you with robust, delicious smoke.

Furthermore, the more you clean your gear, the simpler it becomes to clean. The longer you put off cleaning, the more difficult and time-consuming it will become.

5. Make use of a Quartz Nail or a Banger

Do you want to get the most out of your dab rig's flavor? Then use a quartz nail or banger.

Quartz nails provide an exceptionally clean, pure hit to smokers. They've also shown to be much more resilient than glass nails.

Finally, have fun dabbing!

At Eaglebongs, we believe in educating our smoking community. We strongly advise adhering to these five principles if you want to make your dabbing experience as luxurious as possible.

Until we meet again, happy smoking and dabbing!

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