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    Joint sizes for Bongs

    When looking at bongs and accessories, you’ll probably come across the term joint size. This is an all-important measurement that determines whether your bong will be compatible with the accessory you’re looking at!

    Every bong needs to form an air-tight seal to work correctly. Therefore, the diameter of the areas where the bong and accessories meet (the “joints”) must be compatible.

    Standard joint sizes are:

    Bongs with a joint size of 10 mm

    Bongs with a joint size of 14.5 mm

    Bongs with a joint size of 18.8 mm

    Depending on how much you want to pull, size does matter. The standard sizes of bong joints are 10, 14.5, 18.8 mm. Of course, the 18.8 mm bong will get you bigger hits. For those out there with iron lungs, we offer bongs with a 29.2 mm joint size for ginormous rips that leave you gasping for air.

    Frequently asked questions about Bongs

    How durable are bongs and water pipes?

    You might imagine a glass bong to be a fragile thing, like a cheap glass soda bottle. While you’re certainly right to respect the limits of glass durability, all of our glass bongs are made to stand up to real-world use and are pretty durable.

    Glass bongs or water pipes are almost always made from super robust borosilicate glass. This glass isn’t the kind of cheap glass you get in beverage and beer bottles. This is dense, shatter-resistant glass designed for use in laboratories and chemistry experiments! However, even this space-aged Borosilicate Glass does have its limits. You always want to exercise caution with even the thickest and most seemingly invincible bongs to ensure they don’t take a nasty fall.

    If you or your friends happen to be clumsy, you can try out some glass alternatives. We have highly affordable and nearly invincible bongs made of acrylic or exceptionally durable (and quite stylish) bamboo bongs, either of which can take many, many falls and keep on tokin’

    How does a Bong work?

    The bong contains a bowl, carb, downstem, base, and tube. First, you have to put water in the bong. Then, you load your tobacco or herbs into the bowl. You can grind up your herb with a grinder, so you can easily dose your herb in the bowl. Please make sure to insert a screen in the bowl before filling it up with herbs to prevent small pieces of herbs from falling through. Now you’re ready to light up the bowl and start inhaling the smoke. The smoke will enter the water and be filtered, so you’ll be able to take a smooth hit.

    How do you keep your bong clean?

    When you use your bong daily, it’s essential to keep it clean. At Eaglebongs, we offer multiple bong cleaning accessories for you to keep your bong fresh and clean. Keeping your bong clean will prevent you from bad smells and a bad taste when you’re smoking. After smoking your bong, it’s best to pour the water out of the chamber to prevent bacteria growth. Next to that, it’s essential to clean your bong thoroughly once every month. When you use your bong daily, it may be necessary to clean it more often.

    If you want to clean your bong thoroughly, it’s best to use some isopropyl alcohol. When you have difficult stains in your bong, you can add some coarse sea salt to the isopropyl alcohol. After this mixture has soaked for some time, you have to rinse your bong correctly and dry it.

    After this process, your bong will be ready to be used again!

    Of course, you don’t have to clean your bong like this after every smoking session. If you want to store your bong, you can put it in a container to keep the smell away.

    Are bongs equipped with a carb hole?

    A lot of bongs have a carb hole. The carb hole is most often placed on the left side or the backside of the bong. The carb hole is placed on the bong to clear the smoke out of the chamber. It works like this. When you light your bong, you have to put your finger on the carb hole. When the chamber is filled with smoke, you can take your finger off the carb hole and inhale the smoke.

    How much water do you put in a Bong?

    There isn’t a standard amount of water to fill your bong. In most cases, the bong should be filled about half an inch above the bottom part of the downstem so that it’s submerged in water. This way, the water acts as a filter and cooler to the smoke you inhale. Some bongs have percolators that will filter the water. Make sure they’re not filled with water for them to be able to bubble. Percolator bongs are often filled through.

    The temperature of the water you put in your bong has an essential effect on smoking your bong. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you use lukewarm water. In this way, you can get used to smoking from a bong. If you’re a more advanced smoker, you can use ice-cold water. The ice-cold water will give you cold and condensed smoke and provide you with a somewhat harsh smoking experience.

    Another way to give yourself a smooth and fresh smoking experience are to put your bong in the freezer. Make sure to put it in the freezer without water. If you put it in the freezer with water, it might explode because water expands when it freezes. After taking your bong from the freezer, you can add cold water for a cool but harsh smoking experience!

    Can I use my bong without water?

    The water in your bong acts as a filtration system for the smoke. The water will filter and cool the smoke to make it feel easy on your throat and lungs. When you’re not putting water in your bong, you inhale the smoke directly. Inhaling the smoke directly will feel very harsh on your throat and lungs, and some people find it disgusting.

    What is the difference between a bong and a water pipe?

    Bongs and water pipes are smoking devices that are very much alike. They both have a compartment where you can put in some water for water filtration. The water filtration will cool the smoke down and give you a smoother hit. The main difference between these two smoking devices is their appearance. When you smoke a bong, you hit it at the top of the bong tube, drawing the smoke through the bowl and downstem into the water.

    The water pipe has a straw or a pipe that comes out at an upward angle from the side of the pipe. To smoke a water pipe, you have to draw the smoke through the straw for it to go through the downstem, into the water, and out at the straw again.

    What is the difference between a male and a female bong?

    Female pipes are the opposite of male pipes. If you have to place your bowl or another accessory onto the joint or downstem, you have a male pipe. If you have to put your bowl into the joint or downstem, you have a female bowl. When you have a female bong, it’s important to buy male accessories that will insert into your joint or downstem. Otherwise, your bong won’t work.

    What does a bong cost?

    At Eaglebongs, our bong prices vary between 7 dollars and over 600 dollars. The cheap bongs we offer are often small and have simple designs with fewer extra functions. An example of a cheap bong is the Acrylic Straight Bubble Base Mini Bong with Carb Hole. This bong costs $12.99 and is made from lightweight acrylic and metal. A bong like this is perfect for a beginner and perfect when you’re not a frequent smoker.

    The more expensive bongs we offer often have multiple percolators, have a unique design and are made with high-quality materials. When you’re a pro and frequent smoker, we suggest that you buy a more expensive bong with more features. The most expensive bong we offer is the Mini Mothership Glass Bubble Base Bong from Jerome Baker Designs. The price of the bong is $699.00. This bong has a beautiful appearance and is a handmade artwork, so all the bongs are unique.

    Are bongs suitable smoking devices for beginners?

    Bongs are easy to handle smoking devices. They smoke easily, and also cleaning them is not a challenging task. Next to that, bongs have a chamber where you can put water in for water filtration. The water filtration will provide a smooth and cool rip, which you probably want when you’re new to smoking. Make sure not to fully pack your bowl with your herb if you’re a beginner. It’s best to start easy.

    Are bongs heat-resistant?

    The glass bongs we sell at Eaglebongs are made with high-quality glass. Most of the time, this is borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant. Not only are high-quality glass bongs heat-resistant, but they also work very well during the colder days. Bongs are known as the perfect smoking device for the colder days, so you don’t have to worry if your bong can handle the cold!

    Shipping and returning information

    When it comes to shipping our product to you, your privacy matters; that’s why we made all of our shipments anonymous. Our delivery time is mostly ten business days, but this can vary. If you want to know more about when you can expect your package to arrive, please follow this link. If you’re not satisfied with your order, you can return it. Make sure to do so within three business days after receiving it. We can only accept your return if the product is unused.

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