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    FAQ Ash Catcher

    What is an Ash Catcher?

    An ash catcher is a water filtration device that works almost identically to a bong. In an ash catcher, a series of glass tubes draw smoke from a bowl and pass it through a chamber filled with water. Attaching to a front of a bong, an ash catcher (also sometimes referred to as a pre-cooler) acts as a sort of “bong within a bong.”

    What does an Ash Catcher bowl do?

    By performing a step of water filtration before the smoke enters your bong properly, the Ash Catcher effectively removes any ashes, particulates, and most of the tar and resin that would otherwise accumulate in your bong.

    The result of adding this extra filtration? A smoother hit and a cleaner bong.

    How to use an Ash Catcher?

    Attach your ash catcher the same way you take your bowl in and out of the water pipe. Your bowl will first go into the ash catcher instead of directly into the water pipe. When you take a hit, the burned ash will get trapped in the ash catcher instead of passing into the water pipes' main chamber. The advantage of an ash catcher is that your bong or pipe will stay free of any ashes, particulates, and most of the tar and resin.

    Do you put water in an Ash Catcher?

    In some cases, it is possible to put water in an ash catcher, but don’t put in too much water. Otherwise, the dirty water will flow back into your bong or pipe. Keep the waterline below your downstem, to avoid a splash-back effect.

    How to clean an Ash Catcher?

    The best way to clean your ash catcher is to pour in 90% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Shake well before you pour out the alcohol and afterward rinse your ash catcher with warm water. You can also use one of our bong cleaners.

    Percolator Attachment

    An Ash Catcher is basically a Percolator Attachment. It helps upgrade your simple bong into a bong with pre-filtration just like a percolator bong. While percolator bongs might look a bit fancier, Pre-coolers get the job done just as well. Upgrade your bong now.

    14MM Ash Catchers for sale

    14MM Ash Catchers are the most common size for Ash Catchers. The size stands for the width of the connector that connects with your bong. This has to correspond with your bong’s joint size. The joint is the tube that usually holds your bowl. If you don’t know your joint size you can measure this at the inside of the joint.

    18MM Ash Catchers

    18MM Ash Catchers are the second most common size ash catchers. As with the other size Ash Catchers, you have to measure the outside of the Ash Catcher joint and the inside of the Bong Joint to make sure they correspond.

    45° Ash Catchers and Pre-coolers

    45° are made to use with most beaker base bongs. It is important to check the angle on your bong because you want the top of the precooler to be level. That way your herbs can’t fall out and the water is level and won’t spill.

    90° Ash Catchers / Pre-coolers

    If you like to enjoy smooth hits with a straight tube bong a 90° ash Catcher is probably the way to go. The 90° angle is necessary to make sure water doesn’t spill and your precious herbs don’t fall out. Be sure to check the direction of the joint on your bong to choose the right Ash Catcher.

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