You can't afford to be ignorant about bongs.

by Liu Renhao

You can't afford to be ignorant about bongs.

What exactly is a bong?
A bong is a marijuana-smoking instrument. There are one or more half filled reservoirs on the property. A stem and bowl are inserted into the reservoir, the end of which is submerged. You take a swig from the bong's top while lighting the bowl and drawing smoke into the reservoir with your finger over a hole slightly above the water line. Stop exhaling when the reservoir is full with smoke, then remove your finger from the hole and inhale all of the smoke.

What is a Bong and how does it work?
A bowl, carb, downstem, base, and tubing are all included in the bong. To begin, fill the bong with water. Then you fill the bowl with tobacco or herbs. You may use a grinder to ground the herb so that you can simply dose it in the bowl. Please use a screen to prevent tiny bits of herbs from dropping through the cracks in the bowl before filling it with herbs. Now it's time to ignite the bowl and take a deep breath of the smoke. The smoke will enter the water and be filtered, allowing you to inhale comfortably.

What methods do you use to maintain your bong clean?
To avoid bacteria development, it's preferable to dump the water out of the chamber once you've finished smoking your bong. In addition, cleaning your bong properly once a month is crucial. When you use your bong on a regular basis, you may need to clean it more often.
If you want to fully clean your bong, you should use isopropyl alcohol. If your bong has stubborn stains, try mixing some coarse sea salt with the isopropyl alcohol. After this combination has soaked for a while, you must thoroughly clean and dry your bong.
Your bong will be ready to use again after this procedure!
Of course, you don't have to clean your bong in this manner after every use. You may place your bong in a container to keep the stench away if you want to preserve it.

What is the best place to get a bong?
There are a plethora of locations to purchase a bong, both in your local neighborhood and online. Start by considering how you'll use it, how frequently you'll use it, and what your desired pricing point is.
If you're just going to use it once in a while and it'll always be in the same area, you may not want to spend a lot of money on it. There are many of tiny bongs under $40 that will do the trick for you. There are even some things that are works of pure art that may cost thousands of dollars.
I like a basic design with excellent functionality that delivers an extremely smooth, complete hit (which is why you're using a bong instead of a joint in the first place).

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