Without Rolling A Joint, Here's How To Smoke Marijuana

by Liu Renhao

Without Rolling A Joint, Here's How To Smoke Marijuana
Many of us associate smoking marijuana with rolling joints. Many of us have no idea what other options exist except smoking a joint.

You may also encounter instances when no smoking papers for joints are accessible, in which case you may purchase alternatives that are both easy and fun. Is the impact of these alternatives the same as that of rolling joints?

Rolling Joint Alternatives

Rolling joints may be replaced with a variety of options. Furthermore, a number of them are more user-friendly and popular options. Let's learn more about these possibilities.


Bongs are a more practical and user-friendly way to smoke cannabis. It has the potential to get you high rapidly. Water is the only thing you'll need. This is also the lone disadvantage; the water might run out of the bong or be unavailable.

Glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and, most notably, bamboo are all used to make bongs. Bongs are also distinguished by their appearance. Percolator bongs, carburetor bongs, gravity bongs, straight tube bongs, multi-chambered bongs, and many more types of bongs are available.


For marijuana users, pipes are the most fundamental instrument. It is more fashionable, trendy, and affordable than other solutions. These choices are simple to use and transport. Pipes come in a variety of sizes and forms. Pipes like this are built of a variety of materials, including glass, wood, clay, and even metal.

Pipes are quite easy to utilize. Simply crush the marijuana and use your thumb or index finger to cover the little hole in the pipe. Apply a lighter to your cannabis and run the flame over it. Relax by taking a deep breath.

When it comes to smoking, some individuals make blunders with how they hold their lighter. You'll need to hold the lighter over the top of the bowl until the cannabis lights up on its own. Exhaling with your lips on the pipe is another huge blunder. This has the potential to blast weeds out of the bowl. That's a total waste of your marijuana grinder.

Glass pipes are becoming more fashionable in current times. This is due to the fact that they are transparent and do not get as hot as metal pipes. Furthermore, glass pipes provide a very clean hit with no discernible variation in cannabis flavor. Glass pipes have the most variety and trendiest designs, despite the fact that they are more costly and may shatter.

Rings for Dabbing

This is for marijuana extracts that are exceptionally powerful. With dab rings, you may sample budder, honeycomb, or shatter-like extracts. The vaporization process is used to concentrate extracts. Dab rings may boost your high to new heights due of their incredible potency.

A sort of cannabis concentrate texture, the top grade budder is a type of cannabis concentrate texture. The word budder is used to describe the concentrate's look and texture. Cannabis budders have a more oily and softer texture than butter or cake batter, making them easier to handle. The agitation of terpene-rich shatter with a creamier consistency gives it its flavor.

Dab rings don't need lighters; instead, blow torches work well. Dab rings are significantly healthier than other techniques since they do not involve combustion. Its vapor is also cleaner than ordinary cannabis smoking.


A bubbler is a combination of a bong and a pipe. Like a pipe, the item is compact and simple to handle. Furthermore, similar to bongs, it may get you high rapidly. The majority of bubblers are constructed of glass. Round chambers may be seen on the sides or at the bottom of bubblers.

Bubblers are also unusual in that they feature a water-filled chamber. The pot smoke goes through this chamber and cools somewhat, giving consumers a fresh marijuana flavor. Bubblers, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hammer bubblers, pendate bubblers, double bubblers, and sherlock bubblers are the most prevalent varieties.

Bongs with Gravity

A gravity bong, often known as a water bong, is a common method of smoking cannabis at home. If you know the methods, it's fairly simple. For this, all you'll need are some basic, easily available items. Let's see how we can do this at home.

1.Cut a plastic bottle into two pieces using a box cutter.
2.Now cover the mouth hole with aluminum foil to make it seem like a bowl.
3.Drill 3–4 holes in the metal to allow ventilation.
4.Now, fill a container halfway with water and set the bottle inside. 5. Position it above the waterline so that the mouthpieces are visible.
6. Spread the cannabis out on the foil. Now it's time to turn the lights on.
7. When igniting the bottle, be sure to draw it slightly upward. This will immediately fill up with smoke.
8. Finally, return the bottle to the water. As a result, the smoke will rise, and you will be ready for marijuana smoking.

Husks of corn

Corn husks have become a popular substitute for rolling papers. Corn husks are a natural product that many people choose as a healthier alternative. Throughout fact, in Jamaica and Latin America, this is the preferred method. Make sure the husk you intend to use is dry and clean before you attempt to smoke it. Corn husks also contribute to the natural taste of cannabis smoking.

Corn husks are a kind of natural fiber with a striped pattern. These cling to the surface of marijuana extracts more firmly. Experts feel it is best to burn maize husks gently to get the most out of the marijuana tastes.

Can of Soda

This is another another basic and straightforward technique of cannabis consumption. Make a full smoking gadget out of a Coke can. Make a crab on the opposite side of the crease and some holes on the crease. Put some marijuana powder inside and ignite it. You may now use a mouthpiece to inhale the cannabis.

Though soda can be a fantastic smoking aid, it comes with a number of health risks. Its metal can may not be as safe as aluminum foil. Furthermore, the surface of soda cans is decorated with inks. These inks will melt when you heat bud in a soda can, releasing toxins into your weed.

Aside from that, some folks smoke straight from the can of soda. Caffeine and sugar molecules may be present in soda. These have the potential to get you high beyond your wildest dreams. As a result, use Coke cans sparingly and not on a daily basis.


This is arguably the simplest of all the techniques for getting high on cannabis using fruit.

1.Make a tunnel with a pen or a screwdriver through the top and side of an apple. Ascertain that the tunnels are connected.
2.Use aluminum foil to line the apple and insert aluminum foil into the holes.
3.Start lighting the cannabis by placing it on aluminum foil.
4.Take a deep breath and inhale the smoke through the side hole.

Fruits including guava, avocado, pear, and dragon fruits may all be used in a similar way. There's a lot to play around with. However, avoid using luscious fruits since they will degrade a lot more of your marijuana extract.

Knives that are very hot

This is a century-old smoking technique. The technique is a fast and easy approach to inhale cannabis smoke. For this, you'll need two knives as well as a burner or a candle. Heat the knives over medium heat, being careful not to burn your hands near the handles.

Place a bit of bud or some cannabis extract on one and compress it between two knives after a few minutes of cooking. This will immediately generate smoke, and all you have to do now is inhale it.

Blunts Rose

Despite the fact that it is not the most common way, many individuals like it. Three rose petals should be heated for 10 seconds in a pan. To create your blunt, taste the petals after they've been heated and add ground cannabis.

For a better rose blunt, heat the oven for additional five seconds if necessary. If you overheat the petals, they will dry up and become brittle. This might cause issues while rolling. To get the greatest rose blunt, make sure the petals have some moisture after boiling.

Pipes for hookah

In the Middle East and portions of the Indian subcontinent, this is a common smoking gadget. Hookah pipes are often regarded as a high-end method of cannabis consumption. Smoking cannabis using a hookah pipe may seem difficult, but it is really rather simple.

You'll need coal, aluminum foil, tongs, water, and, of course, a hookah pipe to get started. You may also add other kinds of shisha to make it more flavorful. You may combine the cannabis with tobacco or shisha and put it in the flask's bottom. Make sure the cannabis is placed on top so that it does not dry out throughout the smoking process.

Hookahs feature a bigger bowl, making them an excellent choice for group smoking. Aside from that, it has the least chance of staining your teeth and gives off a pleasant aroma of cannabis leaves.

Lungs Made of Plastic

The airflow functioning of a plastic lung is similar to that of a bong. It's also a method of getting you really high. Aluminum foil, scissors, tape, and a 2-liter container are all needed to construct a plastic lung. Let's have a look at how to build it in a few easy steps.

Cut the container in half first. Attach a plastic bag to the bottom half of the container using tape.

Second, make a bowl out of aluminum foil by wrapping it around the mouthpiece.

Finally, before you put marijuana on aluminum foil, puncture small holes in it.

Finally, to generate suction, light the cannabis and draw the bag. Once the bag is filled, remove the foil. You're now ready to take a deep breath.

The Final Word

Marijuana may be used in a variety of ways to become high. The option of rolling a joint is not the only one. In fact, you should experiment with diverse approaches to keep things fresh.