Why should I go for a glass bong instead of a metal bong?

by Liu Renhao

Why should I go for a glass bong instead of a metal bong?

You want to smoke some marijuana, right?

That's the only reason I can think of why you'd want any form of glass water pipe. Now, I guess some people use them for tobacco or other things, but from what I've heard, they're mostly used for marijuana smoking.

When it comes to why you would prefer glass over other materials, word on the street is that glass is less likely to leak foreign chemicals into your smoke. We used brass pipes a lot back in the day, and I've now read that this was not a smart idea since part of the metal may evaporate and be breathed. I know it's possible to evaporate metals because I "fume" gold or silver onto glass to create some of my glass work. So, although I've never seen any solid study on the subject, the concept that metal pipes may be deadly isn't wild.

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Which bong is best?

This question is critical in the sense that the debate over it will inevitably be less an exploration of abstract matters in a spirit of disinterested inquiry than a economic struggle in which the careers and professional fortunes of many glass blowing experts—only now entering the emerging profession in substantial numbers—will be at stake, and with them the chances for a distinctive contribution to smoking paraphernalia, a contribution that might be an important influence against consumerism in our society.

So, which bong is best?

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