by Liu Renhao


If you're a smoker, you've undoubtedly questioned aloud to yourself, "Why do bongs make you high?" while you shred your bong.

After all, striking a bong is unlike any other mode of consumption.

Why Do Bongs Make You Feel High?

You'll discover all you need to know about bongs in this article, including how they operate, why a bong rip gives a strong and almost immediate high compared to other ways of smoking, and why you should know how many bong hits you need to get high.

Here's how ripping bongs stack up against other smoking techniques.

Are Bongs Better Than Pipes for Getting High?
A pipe is the second most popular smoking instrument, behind bongs. Both weed pipes and bongs make it possible to consume cannabis without having to roll a joint. The similarities, however, stop there.

While there are over 50 distinct varieties of bongs and pipes, a bong's sheer potency will always outweigh the effects of a pipe.

Continue reading to find out why striking a pipe is so much weaker than hitting a bong.

The distinction between a bong and a pipe is crucial. A bong, at its most basic, allows you to take a single, strong dose of cannabis in one breath. Meanwhile, using a pipe to smoke the same quantity of cannabis requires many doses, and part of the smoke floats away.

Bong rips would be more forceful than pipe strikes only because of this. Another distinction, though, has a significant consequence. The filtering mechanisms on bongs are much superior than those on most pipes. Water diffusers, water chambers, and downstems all help to chill the smoke and remove harsh tastes, making bong rips more enjoyable and powerful.

Pipes, on the other hand, are significantly smaller and have poor filtering. As a result, the blows are sharp, hot, and unpleasant. To get the same high, you'll need to take more of them. As a consequence, the experience is less pleasurable and the high is weaker.

Are Bongs Better Than Bowls for Getting High?
Bongs and pipes aren't the only options; bowls are also popular. Because bowls and pipes are so similar, they share many of the same flaws. While there are as many bowl varieties as there are pipes, bongs win out in terms of pure force once again.

Here are several reasons why smoking from a bong is nearly always preferable than smoking from a bowl.

What's the Difference Between a Bong and a Bowl?
How many bong hits do you need to get high?
Bongs enable you to inhale a large amount of smoke in one breath. You may take a single, powerful bong pull in one rapid breath, and the effects will be felt nearly instantly. To get the same impact with a bowl, you'll need to take numerous stronger doses, which will taste worse, feel hotter, and waste more bud.
Bowls are easy, discrete, and portable, but they don't give you the same high as a bong. While a bowl may be useful while you're on the move, a bong rip will always be stronger and more enjoyable when you're at home.

Bongs have a far better capacity to filter smoke than bowls. Smoke is cooled to the ideal temperature by their water chambers and downstems, so you never have to worry about burns or discomfort. Bowls just do not have enough space to provide that level of filtering.

Why Are Bongs So Expensive?

This is a question that has been asked for a long time. Many individuals have thought about it. There's no denying that bong hits are more strong, have a quicker onset, and provide a considerably more intense high than most other smoking techniques.

There are various causes for this, but two of the most important are as follows:

The built-in filtering mechanism removes undesirable tastes and roughness from each dose, leaving you with more time to enjoy your high.
It reduces the heat of the smoke, allowing you to take greater puffs without coughing. This results in greater rips and a more powerful high in a shorter amount of time.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a bong is that larger bongs provide larger hits. It turns out that size does matter when larger hits yield higher highs.

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How to Hit a Bong Properly for the Best High
Smokers have a common misconception that they tell each other. Holding your cigarette in your mouth is said to help you become higher. This is a pure fabrication.

It's not going to get you much higher if you keep your cigarette in your mouth. It has a higher chance of irritating your respiratory system and preventing you from obtaining adequate oxygen. This makes you dizzy, which might make you feel "higher" without really making you buzzing any more.

To get high, you don't have to hold your cigarette. Simply take a breath and hold it for one to two seconds before releasing it. That's all there is to it.

Knowing Your Tolerance—How Many Hits to Get High
Depending on how frequently and how much they smoke, everyone has a different tolerance level. You don't need to be concerned about having a high or low tolerance; all you need to know is how much it takes you to get high. A single powerful hit from a bong may make even the most seasoned smokers high in seconds, regardless of tolerance.

Taking little doses one at a time and observing how you feel over the following ten minutes is a fantastic approach to gauge your tolerance. You may even pack a single, large bong pull and test how you feel if you believe you have a high tolerance. Remember that everyone has a different level of tolerance for cannabis. There is no one-size-fits-all quantity of hits that will always make everyone high.


Getting high is a lot of fun! Play around with your bong rips to figure out what you'll need to get high. Ripping a bong is usually smoother, cooler, and cleaner than smoking from a bowl or a pipe. You have lots of opportunities to try new things and have fun without taking any risks.

A bong high is a one-of-a-kind experience that's more enjoyable than many other smoking options, so indulge yourself now with a DHC dope bong!