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If you’re a smoker, you’ve probably wondered, “Why do bongs get you higher?”—as you’re taking your bong rip.

After all, hitting a bong feels different from any other method.

Why do Bongs Get You Higher?‌
‌In this article, you’ll learn all about how bongs work, why a bong rip provides a powerful and nearly instantaneous high compared to other methods of smoking, and why you should know how many bong hits you need to get high.

Here’s exactly how ripping bongs compare to other smoking methods.

Do Bongs Get You Higher Than Pipes
Compared to bongs, the other most common smoking tool is a pipe. Weed pipes and bongs both allow you to smoke cannabis without the hassle of rolling a joint. However, that’s where the similarities end.

While there are more than 50 different types of bongs and pipes, the sheer power of a bong will always overpower the effects of a pipe.

Keep reading to learn exactly why taking a hit from a pipe is so much weaker than hitting a bong.

There’s a significant difference between a bong and a pipe. Most fundamentally, a bong lets you take a single and powerful hit of cannabis in one breath. Meanwhile, to smoke the same amount of cannabis from a pipe, you need to take multiple hits and some of the smoke drifts away.

That alone would make bong rips more powerful than pipe hits. However, another difference has a big impact. Bongs have much better filtration systems than most pipes. Water diffusers, water chambers, and downstems all cool down the smoke and filter out harsh flavors, making bong rips more pleasant and more powerful.

Comparatively, pipes are much smaller and have worse filtration. That leads to harsh, hot, and unpleasant hits. You also need to take more of them to get the same high. The result is a less pleasant experience and a weaker high.

Do Bongs Get You Higher Than Bowls
Bowls are another common alternative to bongs and pipes. Bowls and pipes are closely related, so they have many of the same downfalls. While there are just as many bowl types as there are pipes, bongs once again win out when it comes to sheer power.

Here’s why smoking from a bong is almost always better than smoking out of a bowl.

Bong vs. Bowl: Differentiating Between the Highs
how many bong hits to get high
Bongs allow you to filter a lot of smoke into a single breath. You can take a single and strong bong rip in one quick breath that will take effect almost immediately. To get the same effect with a bowl, you’ll need to take several harsher hits that will taste worse, feel hotter, and waste more bud in the process.
Bowls are convenient, discreet, and portable, but they just don’t provide the same type of high as a bong. Using a bowl may be necessary while you’re on the go—but if you’re at home, a bong rip will always be stronger and more pleasant.

Compared to bowls, bongs have much more ability to filter smoke. Their water chambers and downstems ensure that smoke is cooled to the optimal temperature, so you never have to worry about burns or discomfort. Bowls simply don’t have the room to offer that type of filtration.

Why Do Bongs Get You So High

This is an age-old question. Many people have pondered just that. There’s no doubt that hits from a bong take effect faster, feel more powerful, and lead to a far more intense high than most other smoking methods.

There are several reasons for this, but here are two of the biggest:‌
The built-in filtration method strips unpleasant flavors and harshness out of each hit, so there’s less stuff in the way of your buzz.
It cools down the smoke so you can take larger hits without coughing. That leads to bigger rips and a more intense high, more quickly.

One important thing to remember with your bong is that bigger bongs lead to bigger hits. When bigger hits mean bigger highs, it turns out that size does matter.

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Hitting a Bong Correctly for the Most Optimal High
There’s a common myth that smokers tell each other. Supposedly, holding in your smoke will get you higher. This is a complete lie.

Holding your smoke will not get you higher. It’s more likely to irritate your respiratory system and keep you from getting enough oxygen. That makes you feel dizzy, which may make you feel “higher” without actually getting you any more buzzed.

You don’t need to hold your smoke to get high. Just take a breath and release it over the next one to two seconds. That’s all you need to do.

How Many Hits To Get High—Knowing Your Tolerance
Everyone has their tolerance level, depending on how often and how much they smoke. Having a high or low tolerance isn’t something to worry about—you just need to know your tolerance to judge how much it takes you to get high. No matter what your tolerance level, a single strong hit from a bong can get even avid smokers high immediately.

A great way to test your tolerance is to take small hits one at a time and check how you feel over the next ten minutes. If you suspect you have a high tolerance, you can even pack a single, big bong rip and see how you feel. Remember, everyone has their tolerance for cannabis. There’s no one perfect number of hits that will get everyone high every time.

Getting high is fun! Experiment with your bong rips and play around to find out what you need to get high. Ripping a bong is typically smoother, cooler, and cleaner than any other smoking method, including bowls and pipes. You have plenty of chances to experiment and enjoy yourself without risking harsh hits.

A bong high is a unique experience that’s more fun than many other smoking alternative so enjoy yourself today with a dope bong from DHC!


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