Who invented the bong? What led them to come up with it?

by niedesheng

Who invented the bong? What led them to come up with it?

Gather 'round, youngsters, and I'll tell you a story from the past. Back in the day, a bag of cannabis might get you 20 years in prison, or a roach in your car's ashtray could get you your son, plus three years in the joint (Just ask Doug Sahm. He'll explain it to you.) We had to be creative since even paraphernalia might get you in jail, so we had to be creative.

Many serious tests were performed due to the comparatively low quality of the marijuana back then and the seven miles in the snow you'd have to march in order to score. Some people purchased water pipelines. Others decided to "live off the land," making do with whatever was available. The carburetor was invented by someone who drilled a hole in the side of an old toilet paper tube. Stick the lighted joint in the little hole, place your palm over the front, take a large hit, and then withdraw your hand while inhaling. This stuffed a shitload of smoke into your lungs at once! If the cops come knocking, you tear it up and throw it away.


Then those creative brains began to change: An ice dish filled to the brim with aluminum foil on top. You pierce the foil a few times with a pin at one end, then cut a small slit at the other. This was dubbed "Ice Pack." A really relaxing smoke. This subject has several variants.

At some point, all of these THC-inspired hypotheses prompted some astute stoner to apply technology, and presto! The bong was developed.

PS: There was a different type of ice pack. If you had a bunch of Mexican rag marijuana, you could make it more potent by putting it in an airtight container with some dry ice. Put the marijuana in with the dry ice and wait for the ice to melt fully. Was it successful? We certainly think it did!

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