Which Produces A Smoother Smoke Sesh: Marijuana Bongs or Water Pipes?

by Liu Renhao

Which Produces A Smoother Smoke Sesh: Marijuana Bongs or Water Pipes?

The water cools and filters the smoke for a smoother dose while simultaneously delivering a punch, which is why bongs and other forms of water pipes are so popular.

Any serious marijuana smoker's collection should include a bong (or bubbler). For many cannabis users, taking calculated bong hits is a way of life, and some individuals swear by them. A glass water pipe is a terrific option for smoking for many reasons, but is it the perfect choice for you?

The water, especially cold water, cools and filters the smoke for a smoother hit while still carrying a punch when the hit breaks through, which is why bongs and other forms of water pipes are so popular. Unless we're talking about those hilariously high bongs, they're simple to pass and measure to ensure that everyone gets an equal dose.

Glass pipes and bongs have also gone a long way from the plastic bongs and metal pipes that were formerly only found in a few niche marketplaces. When you buy a higher-end piece of glass, you may truly possess a working work of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted art, and they make fantastic discussion pieces among high-minded people, even if they are treated more delicately.

So, what's the drawback? They're a bother to clean most of the time, and if they're not clean, they're not performing their job; they taste bad and become inconvenient. A clean glass, whether for water or not, is necessary for a smoother, healthier smoking experience.

Of course, there are techniques to keep your glass clean, and the most basic is to clean it everyday. If it's a more traditional bong with a bigger spherical base and a straight tube rising up, just emptying the contents and washing the interior with hot water on a regular basis simplifies things significantly. Cleanings that are more thorough might be done less regularly.

You may boil the stem of a bong at home, but beware of the resin smell entering your kitchen. There are other glass-cleaning solutions on the market, which can be obtained in practically any head store. You may put the stem in a plastic baggie with enough solution to cover it and move it around to get it all the way through the glass. Simply be gentle and let the liquid to work its magic for as long as the bottle specifies, then rinse and voila! You've reverted to your previous hitting style.

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