Which is better for me: a bubbler pipe, a bong, or a pipe?

by Liu Renhao

Which is better for me: a bubbler pipe, a bong, or a pipe?

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, we are employing a variety of innovative gadgets; nonetheless, nothing compares to the original classic, glass. Long before vaporizers, glass items like bubblers, pipes, and bongs reigned cannabis use. They were handcrafted by expert artists who wanted to present you with both a work of beauty and a pleasant high.

Above all, glassware is very useful. It won't use any energy and will let you learn about your herb in a more personal, slower way — bowl by bowl.

We've put up a list of three of the greatest ways to smoke. If you're searching for a bubbler pipe, go here to learn more.

Method of smoking with a glass pipe

The pipe is the most user-friendly cannabis equipment since it is both portable and easy to use.


Non-absorbent and non-combustible
Isolate the tastes of cigarette smoke.
Provides a more pure smoking experience than metal or wooden pipes by allowing the user to taste the unadulterated flavour of the herb or tobacco being smoked.
Metal pipes are renowned for altering the fragrance of the smoke as it exits the pipe, but this is not the case with glass pipes.
Cons: The flavour and taste of various tobacco or herb mixes may be enjoyed as is, without any taint.

Glass has the potential to shatter.
It's a delicate item that has to be handled carefully.
When a glass pipe breaks, there is no method of repairing it.
Method of smoking with a bong

If you've ever watched a stoner movie, you've undoubtedly seen a bong, sometimes known as "water pipes." It's a higher glass component with water at the bottom and a bowl piece that can be changed and removed to create vapour.


• Bongs provide a smoke that is fuller, gentler, and cooler than other ways.

• Smokers also claimed that the condensed smoke makes inhalation rips faster and larger, which intensifies the smoking experience.


In a couple of seconds, the smoke that has accumulated within the tube has gone stale. Stale smoke is more irritating on the lungs and often causes coughing.
Top-heavy bongs frequently tip over due to their unusual sizes and forms, spilling muddy, foul-smelling water that is difficult to clean.
Even if they're made of strong glass, they shatter quickly, requiring more thought and care than other types.
They soon get filthy, necessitating repeated cleanings.
Method of smoking with a bubbler pipe

Bubblers are a fantastic way to connect water and dry pipes. They're smaller, lighter, and simpler to keep and pass than a bong, but they still utilise water to soften a hit. A bubbler will usually hit like a dry pipe with a carb to release and develop smoke.


Brings the fascinating worlds of bongs and pipes together. A combination of perfections.

In certain cases, portable, but not practical to transport.

In more twisted or smaller devices, changing the water is more difficult.

One of the most difficult kinds to keep clean.

There's a chance you'll get some foul water in your mouth. When it comes to bubblers, it occurs more often than when it comes to bongs.

It's likely that if you weren't a cannabis enthusiast before the recent surge of high-tech use and legalisation, you've never seen a bong or passed a pipe. Do not be discouraged. You'll be a cannabis fan in no time if you use one of these smoking techniques!