Which Brand of Bong Is the Best?

by niedesheng

Which Brand of Bong Is the Best?


Bongs have a long and illustrious history in the cannabis community. They've been a mainstay of the smoking culture for centuries. However, their cumulative fame has grown significantly in recent years. Bongs now have a slew of cutting-edge features that make them much more comfortable to use. And for this reason, they're more more cherished and necessary than they were before.


What Characteristics Should I Look for in a Bong Manufacturer?


Do you desire glass that's been hand blown? Is a dab rig or flower bong more appealing to you? A bong that can handle both concentrates and dried cannabis is what you need. Which do you prefer, larger or smaller bongs? Prior to looking into which pieces to purchase, address all of these questions and many more. Having said that, there are a few things we can suggest.


All the bong brands listed here offer outstanding customer care and high-quality glass despite the fact that they are not American-made or at least not produced in the United States. It's important to note that some lesser-known companies are growing in the United States and making inroads into the industry.


So, Which Kind of Bong Do I Prefer to Smoke?


Hey, I get it. You came here looking for some quick answers on which bong brands you should check out, so here's how I'll break it down:


Pipes That Can Be Held in the Hand


They do what they're supposed to do, and the result will be a smash. However, if you want to avoid developing a throat tolerance, these may not be the best choice because they come down hard.




As the weight of the bubbler increases, the amount of water filtration decreases. Water filtration, no matter how small the amount, will elevate your smoking experience to a whole new level. So, if you're looking for something small and easy to use, this could be a good option for you....


Water Pipe or Glass Bongs?


Obviously, bongs are more expensive, and there are various aspects to consider before purchasing one. We go into great detail about these factors in our article HERE, but here are some of the most important ones:


Bongs made from beaker containers


Straight down the beaker straight tube pipe's stem and out the other end. Borosilicate glass is used in the majority of modern products, notably those with glass thicknesses greater than or equal to 2-3mm.


There's not much to say about these men; they'll hit you with the same force as an 18-wheeler would if it ran over a stoned pedestrian in the street: hard. A rougher smoking experience than with a percolator-equipped bong is the only thing we can say about these billiards.


Experienced stoners looking for a premium product should pick this one up.


Pipes for transporting water


The percolator is the main distinction between a "water pipe," or bong, and a beaker bong, even though they are both bongs. Water pipes, as opposed to beakers, have many more percolators, allowing for a more comfortable smoking experience with water and cannabis.


The borosilicate glass used in many water pipes is of exceptionally high quality and thickness.


Popular Bongs and Pipe Brands:




Known for their high-quality and long-lasting bongs, Eaglebongs has produced some of the greatest scientific glassware available. Eaglebongs bongs, one of the industry's newest players, are among our personal favorites when it comes to the top bong companies. Years of excellent quality collaborations and goods with various glass and dab rigs have been produced by them. Eaglebongs is unquestionably a top-of-the-line bong company, thanks to their team of glass blowers and their innovative design that allows for greater volume inside the pipe to cool your smoke. Eaglebongs is your go-to source for sparklingly clear, high-quality glass.


When you shop online, you have the option of choosing from a wide range of different brands. Some companies have a distinct advantage over the competition, particularly when it comes to value for money. The low cost of Eaglebongs is well-known. Even if it has a few standout features for minimalists, the emphasis on design does not imply a lack of quality. It offers a few high-quality and visually appealing solutions for the minimalist. Despite being a younger rival, Eaglebongs is swiftly overshadowing many known companies with their exquisitely detailed glasswork. All of their items are of the greatest quality.


The time to be a stoner is now. Most of the United States has legalized the use of marijuana. Everywhere you look, potent strains of the plant are for sale, and smoking gear development is experiencing a resurgence. No matter how many new methods or equipment are developed, bongs will continue to reign supreme as smoking implements for a very long time yet. It has fascinated smokers for decades with its history, efficiency, craftsmanship, and flavor preservation, to name a few. It will continue to enchant smokers for many more.