Where do you see the CBD industry going in the next 5 years?

by niedesheng
Where do you see the CBD industry going in the next 5 years?
I see it as a molecule being added to foods, snacks and drinks. Like how energy drinks became the rage for their ability to perk someone up CBD will be added to keep everyone level. As a molecule that promotes homeopathic treatment and homeostasis it makes sense to see a variety of every day products include this.

I know for a fact that CBD toothpaste already exists, as does skin cleaners, mouthwash, and a variety of other products for hygiene. The CBD mouthwash has been rated as being as effective as prescription mouthwash, thats hardcore.

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The main issue is regulatory bodies. They have to approve its use in foods and health products and while the federal government legalized the molecule federally in 2018, they haven’t posted any effective rules or regulations for its use.
Canada is even worse off. CBD is accessible through the cannabis sector only and its inclusion into new CPG products is highly regulated and in doubt. Its too bad that cannabis is the subject of so much regulatory scrutiny while other products containing alcohol or created chemicals, that I might add have been shown to be more harmful, are allowed in store products everywhere. CBD has already been shown to be very safe, what regulatory bodies are looking for is the certainty that this won’t get away from them once they open the literal floodgates of consumer products possibilities.

At the current speed of government thats all I see for the next 5 years. Call it conservative maybe, I see it as realism. The pandemic is going to continue and while vaccines are helping economies recover the viruses are going to be with us forever. Governments will seek out novel cures and products that will help their populations and I feel CBD will be one of those.

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