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You've just arrived at the beach, with your favorite strain and a pack of rolling papers. When you try to get a nug, you discover you neglected to bring a grinder. This is a relatively frequent scenario that you've undoubtedly seen several times before. While not having a herb grinder isn't the end of the world, it is inconvenient, and you won't receive the same high-quality burn you're used to. We'll teach you how to grind cannabis without a grinder so that the next time you find yourself in this scenario (which you will), you'll be prepared to get creative and show off a few stoner hacks and a handmade grinder that your smoking mates will appreciate.


Yes! A cannabis grinder is an important part of any pothead's toolkit for a reason. Buds or nugs are enormous bunches of cannabis blossoms that are grown and sold. To make a rollable and packable smoking substance that burns properly, these nugs must be split apart (no one likes a joint that keeps going out). Weed grinders are made to break down huge buds into fine, consistent bits quickly and efficiently. When the cannabis is lighted, this provides for a larger surface area, better aeration, and a more evenly distributed heat. Finally, properly ground cannabis provides users with a tasty, efficient, and smooth burning experience that is impossible to produce otherwise. If you don't already have a cannabis grinder, you'll want to obtain one as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you'll have to figure out how to grind weed without one. Other advantages of utilizing a grinder include:

The capacity to separate and gather kief with ease

There will be no sticky fingers.

Preventing clogging in bong and pipe bowls

Cleaning glasses is a lot easier now.

Reducing the amount of material that is burned and wasted

A burn that is particularly smooth

Terpenes and cannabinoids are released more efficiently.


grinder for coffee

In the kitchen, you might find a simple alternative to a grinder. Electric coffee grinders are also wonderful for cannabis, and they're hard to resist when it comes to making the ideal wake and bake. The disadvantage of the coffee grinder method is that it is difficult to clean; yet, it is excellent for grinding cannabis if you need to grind a large amount of material quickly and with minimal effort. Are you a non-coffee drinker? You may also use a blender or a cleaned black pepper grinder. Start by removing any remaining coffee grounds before adding your cannabis flower. Avoid overcrowding or cramming the coffee grinder. Allow plenty of room for the gadget to work its magic. To prevent your cannabis from becoming an unmokable mound of dust or fine powder, adjust the settings on your coffee grinder. Gradually grind, and keep an eye on your flower. Empty it and give it another clean when the consistency is to your taste. If you don't, your following morning coffee may have an additional kick.

a pair of scissors, and a shot glass

It may seem strange at first, but bear with us. Remove a nug from an empty shot glass or small cup and begin cutting away with sharp scissors. Unlike cutting on a flat, solid surface or chopping board, the shot glass holds the flower in position without requiring the use of your hands, making it simple to chop up. A shot glass is precisely the correct size to allow you to open and shut the scissors without having to worry about your nug bouncing about. The best thing is that everyone has a pair of sharp scissors and at least one shot glass, so it's a terrific alternative for a home party.


The most straightforward technique is to take a sharp knife and begin slicing up your marijuana. Use your kitchen's sharpest knife to cut through even the stickiest resin-laden nugs. Choose another approach from this list if you just have a dull pocket knife to avoid the hassle and cleaning.

grater for cheese

If everything else fails and you're at a loss, try grinding huge nuggets using a cheese grater. If you get too crazy with this DIY grinder, it may produce a huge mess, much as when grating cheese. All we ask is that you thoroughly wash it afterwards, because your mother's famed cacio e pepe may contain a hidden ingredient.

Pestle and mortar

Get your witchcraft on and use a traditional mortar and pestle. Apothecaries used this equipment to swiftly combine substances to make treatments like tinctures and tonics back in the day. People today may have a set in their kitchen cupboard for crushing nuts, grinding entire spices, smashing garlic or ginger, and releasing flavors. It's typically quicker to use than a knife, and it works well with dry herbs. Simply place your nug in the mortar (bowl) and crush and ground with the pestle. Because sticky and wet cannabis will crush and clump together rather than shatter into fragments, this approach works best if you're not using sticky and wet weed.

bottle of pills

Prescription medication bottles are something that almost everyone has in their bathroom cabinet. We've got you covered if you're stumped as to how to construct a grinder out of an empty pill bottle. You'll also need a little coin or two for this makeshift grinder, which is more like a DIY shaker (nickels or quarters work the best). Before you begin, thoroughly wash your coins to remove any bacteria and properly dry them. Fill the prescription pill container with one or two cannabis buds. Make sure the bottle isn't too full and that the coin and buds have enough room to move about. Place one or two coins in the top and close the lid. Now it's time to have some fun! Check the process by shaking the container vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds. If the bud hasn't yet been split up enough, continue shaking in 20 second intervals until your smoking material is tiny enough.

using a credit card

No issue if you don't have a knife or scissors. Use a credit card and reach for your wallet. Credit cards are designed to be strong and durable, with a good cutting edge. Before you start working, clean your card well with an alcohol wipe. The credit card approach is similar to the knife method. Place the bud on a flat, firm surface and begin cutting. If you don't wipe off your credit card after smoking, you can receive some strange looks at the grocery store. There's no avoiding it. The card will be extremely sticky (enough to jam the credit card reader) and will have a strong marijuana odor.

Grinder made at home

The first thing that springs to mind when considering how to grind cannabis without a grinder is most likely how to create a handmade grinder from scratch. There are a couple different methods to accomplish this, but it requires a significant amount of time and resources to construct. Most dispensaries and internet smoke shops sell inexpensive grinders for about $10, so you're better off purchasing a genuine grinder designed exclusively for slicing and chopping marijuana. Find a circular jar or can (ideally metal) like a tobacco can if you really must be inventive. Punch tiny holes in the top and bottom of the can with care, making sure the holes do not line up. Fill the holes with nails or screws. The nails should be short enough to avoid hitting the can's lid or bottom, and the holes should be smaller than the screws to ensure a snug fit. That concludes our discussion.

Make use of your fingertips.

If you don't have any of the aforementioned equipment and are still trying to figure out how to grind cannabis without a grinder, the most apparent approach is to use your fingers! You'll get sticky and the grind won't be great, but if you're in a hurry, using your fingers to grind cannabis will get the job done. Set up a rolling tray beneath your work area to collect any spilled materials and save waste. Crush the nug with your thumb, index, and middle finger while forming a bowl with your other hand to keep it in place. Allow the smaller pieces to land on the rolling tray. Pick it up again and try again if any large bits fall through. A simple finger grind is great for marijuana that is extremely dry and crumbly, but resounus and wet weed can be a nightmare since it wants to adhere together.


Not ready to build your own grinder from the ground up? It's past time to invest in a good grinder. We have a large assortment of grinders, ranging from top-of-the-line automated grinders to budget-friendly herb grinders. Check out a couple of these definite must-haves if you don't want to learn how to grind cannabis without a grinder and want to do things the simple way:

The Banana is the best motorized grinder. The Otto Grinder by Brother is on the pricey side, but it's well worth it if you smoke frequently. It even fills your cones for you in a matter of seconds! This automated grinder boasts extremely sharp teeth and quality parts that will last a long time, thanks to aerospace engineering milling plates and smart milling technology with built-in AI. Fill the top compartment with flower, place a pre-rolled cone in the bottom, and turn on the power. That concludes our discussion. It can be charged via USB connection and is ready to grind on the move.

Best portable grinder - Do you like to smoke when you're out and about? Try the V-Syndicate Grinder Card, which is small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket. This non-stick grinder card comes in two styles and provides a smooth, even grind that you can't obtain with your fingertips. Scratch your nug along the cutting edges, as if it were a cheese grinder, and watch it disintegrate. So that your wallet doesn't get stuck, put it back inside the protective sleeve and give it a quick wash when you return home. The small form makes it extremely portable and practical, and it grinds more effectively than those cheap acrylic two-piece grinders.

The Marley Natural Large Wood Grinder is the best large grinder for a sophisticated grinder that will compliment your home decor. The 76mm diameter of this big grinder allows it to handle huge loads. It also has two grind settings to choose from, depending on whether you want fine or medium sized bits. This 4-piece grinder, made of sustainably sourced black walnut wood with a lovely texture, is a stunning statement piece that you'll want to display. It also has a bottom-mounted metal scraper, a kief screen, a magnetic closing, and a transparent shatter-proof polycarbonate glass so you can see how much you have at all times. To complete the aesthetic, pair it with the Marley Natural Spoon Pipe, which is crafted of the same black walnut wood and heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Best inexpensive grinder - When it comes to herb grinders, you don't want to go too cheap because you'll end up having to buy another one if it breaks. The Revolver Grinder costs less than $15, yet it's made of tough materials that can withstand sticky buds. Choose between a three-piece or four-piece version in basic silver or rainbow. Each herb grinder comes with diamond-shaped teeth, a kief screen, and a tiny scraper to let you add strong trichomes to your joint when it's in need of a boost. The amazing grinder is designed to look like a loaded revolver chamber with six golden bullets that is locked and loaded for a consistent grind.

You're set for the next time you leave your herb grinder at home (just don't forget the flower) now that you know how to grind cannabis without one. Visit our online headshop for many more herb grinders and other smoking equipment. You'll save money on glass bongs, water pipes, bubblers, vape pens, e-rigs, ashtrays, rolling papers, dab rigs, dab tools, rolling trays, and more!

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