What You Should Know About Bongs

by niedesheng
What You Should Know About Bongs
The origin of bongs is a subject that is heavily debated among historians, yet the most accepted scenario that many have agreed on is that they started out in Thailand. What supported these claims was the word “bong” which originated from the word “baung” in Thai. Originally, what Thailand referred to as “baung” was a smoking device made from the bamboo plant. This smoking device is believed to be one of the oldest smoking devices, preceded by pipes and their many variations. Fast-forwarding to our modern day, bongs are mainly made of glass with a long tube that is sealed only on one end.

Typically, bongs have three openings; one for burning dry herbs, one for the mouth, and one that can be covered and uncovered to release accumulated smoke. Nowadays, bongs are mainly used for smoking cannabis. If you are interested to learn more about these fascinating devices, here is a mini-guide that is perfect for beginners.

Bongs Are a Work of Art
Many people, including non-smokers, are interested in acquiring bongs just for their shapes and designs. When it comes to their sizes, shapes, and styles, the sky is the limit. As long as all the main components are crafted correctly, people can really have fun with the designs. Some bongs are basic in their design, but they are decorated with cool-looking flowers or even skulls. Other bongs are created to have extra features such as percolators that filter and cool down the smoke.

Bongs Differ Greatly
Aside from the designs and shapes, bongs also come in different materials. The “it” material for bongs nowadays is glass, as it provides users with the best performance and highest durability; it doesn’t break, crack, or split easily, even with long-term use. Experienced tobacconists from the hemper shop explain that glass is usually preferred because it doesn’t affect or alter the flavor of burnt herbs by any means, unlike wood, for example. Metal is the next best material after glass. This comes as no surprise since metal bongs don’t break when dropped. Another big advantage of metal bongs is their industrial artistic looks.

Perc or No Perc?
As explained earlier, some of the contemporary and new-generation bongs have percolators. The biggest question that confuses many beginners is “to perc or not to perc?”. Just like old coffee makers, percs in bongs operate pretty much in the same way. Their main job is facilitating the interaction between water and dry herbs. Instead of the smoke passing through the water once just like in traditional bongs, smoke is passed through the water twice in bongs with percs to provide a much cooler and smoother hit. If you do not mind the higher price, then definitely go for a bong with a percolator.

Bongs come in different shapes, designs, sizes, and materials to satisfy everyone’s taste. Whether you are a traditional or a contemporary smoker, you can rest assured that you will find something that suits your preferences. Even non-smoker sometimes acquire bongs just for their artistic looks and cool designs. The cool designs are not the only advantage bongs offer to their users; they are also easy to carry and use and the glass ones are great for providing smooth hits with the pure, unaltered flavor of the cannabis herb.