What is an Ice Bong?

by niedesheng

What is an Ice Bong?



There are two really cool types of bongs out there that will take your smoking session to the next level of smoothness. The first is a bong that uses ice along with water to cool your smoke to perfection before you take in a hit. These bongs usually feature an ice catcher in the tube. The other type of bong is literally made of ice – it doesn’t get cooler than that!

A bong that holds ice cubes is fairly easy to find. They feature pinched parts of glass in the tube to stop ice from falling into the water chamber. Many artists that make all kinds of glass pipes, have made ice catchers a standard feature for bongs. Cooling your smoke with ice first makes it easier on your mouth, throat and lungs. It can also enhance the flavor of your hits, elevating the experience. The ice additionally acts as a splash guard, keeping bong water from getting in your mouth. Even a few cubes of ice will make a very noticeable impact. Be sure to keep an eye on the ice. As the ice melts, it will raise the water level of the bong so you might need to pour some out as you go.

Bongs made of ice are the next best thing. Once you try one, there’s a good chance you’ll never want to go back. They make your hits even cooler and smoother than just plain ice cubes. An ice bong can cool smoke to around 26°F. These bongs are economical as you can always pour and freeze a new piece whenever you need it. You do not have to worry about breaking this bong so much as melting it. You’ll also never need to clean an ice bong, just let it melt away in the sink. Be sure to store and use it in an area where you don’t mind it getting a little wet.

Ice Bong Mold

If you want to make your own ice bong at home, you’ll need a special mold. An ice bong mold is usually made out of silicone. It is specifically made to create a bong out of frozen water. These molds are completely reusable and almost always dishwasher safe. You’ll save money with an ice bong mold – you’ll never have to buy another bong because you broke the last one. The mold won’t take up too much room in the freezer and stores in an even more compact size. Ice bongs are environmentally friendly, using less energy to make than a standard glass bong. Plus, ice bongs are just plain cool! They are a real crowd pleaser and conversation starter.


Ice Bongs in General

For an elevated and delicious experience, you need a bong that utilizes ice, whether it has an ice catcher or is totally made of ice. The most popular kind of ice bong is one with an ice catcher. They are prevalent on the market with lots of options; from standard to zong bong. Ice catcher bongs range in price from inexpensive simple models to pricey pieces of art. Many ice catcher bongs also feature percolators for added filtration and smoothness. There are a few ice bong molds to choose from so you can make your own futuristic frozen wonder. Most molds are priced for any budget.

Benefits of Ice Bongs

Ice bongs are the way to go with many added benefits compared to standard pipes and water bongs. Ice bongs are chilly, producing smooth delicious smoke that is safer. The water adds filtration and the ice cools down the smoke. Icing down your bong is a cheaper option than a vaporizer or an expensive percolator bong.

Ice Bong Maker: How To Make An Ice Bong

Crafting your own bong in an ice mold is incredibly easy! Step one is to assemble the mold. Take care to completely push the pieces together. Next, fill with water and freeze for at least three hours. Lastly, remove your bong and use! Cracking the ice while trying to remove your frozen bong is an issue you might run into. To avoid this, run the mold under cool water for a minute or two before trying to remove it. 

How to Use an Ice Bong

Using an ice bong is extremely easy. Just fill the water chamber with water so the downstem is covered. Place a few ice cubes into the tube through the mouthpiece. You don’t want to overfill your bong with ice. The max amount of ice should sit just below the mouthpiece. Next, fill your bowl with ground herb and place in the downstem hole. Light your bud and inhale through the mouthpiece. Remove the bowl while inhaling to clear the bong. If using a silicone ice bong mold, follow the steps in the section above this one first. You can opt to add the ice cubes but they are not necessary for a molded ice bong. Keep an eye on your water level as the ice melts, and pour some water out if it gets too full.


Ice Bong Bowl Attachments

The bong bowl that you use will be about the same no matter what kind of bong you choose to use. You’ll just need to know what size stem fits your piece (most will come with a bowl that fits, but you can always upgrade). Then select the bowl size that is right for you. Stems and bowls generally come in three sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. A 10mm stem or bowl is small, a 14mm is medium and 18mm is large. The larger the bowl, the more herb you can pack at a time. The larger the stem, the more powerful punches of smoke you get.


Water Bong vs Ice Bong

Water bongs and ice bongs are very similar, and both are great choices when it comes to smoking herbs. Not all water bongs feature an ice catcher but all ice bongs can be used as a simple water bong. Water bongs are less fuss and don’t overfill with water, but they don’t provide the chilled experience their icy counterparts do. Ice bongs are an elevated water bong, but they generally come with a larger price tag. Which is better is completely up to you.


Silicone Bong vs Ice Bong Mold

Silicone bongs and silicone ice bong molds are not the same product. A silicone bong is a regular bong that is made out of silicone while a mold is something used to make an ice bong. You can add ice to your silicone bong, but it would not work well as a container to freeze your own ice bong. Silicone bongs are virtually indestructible. Ice mold bongs are just frozen water, it might melt but you can always craft a new one. Both are great options for people that are prone to breaking things.

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