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The cannabis market has extended into various forms of marijuana use, such as dabbing, thanks to the ongoing innovation of the water bong. The art of dabbing is advanced stoner stuff that isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're looking to improve your smoking setup, you've come to the perfect spot to learn everything there is to know about dabbing. Don't worry if you don't know how to utilize a dab rig; we've all been there! Here's everything you need to know about how to operate a dab rig so that by the conclusion of this article, you'll be a self-proclaimed pro.


A dab rig differs from a bong or pipe in that it requires the use of a torch to heat the cannabis concentrate to ideal dabbing temperatures. A dab rig may also be used as a water bong, however a bong rip necessitates the use of a bong bowl, whereas a dab rig necessitates the use of a banger nail to melt the cannabis concentrate. So why is it necessary to fire the cannabis extract to such high temperatures? When the cannabis concentrate is heated to the proper temperature and transferred to the banger nail, vapor is produced that may be inhaled.

While a few of bong rips might get you bent, a handful of dabs can transport you to another world. Dabs are even more powerful than cannabis flower since concentrate contains far more THC. It doesn't matter how little focus you have, it's generally enough to send you back to the sofa for the rest of the day, so be careful!

A dab's taste profile is also incredibly powerful, so anticipate full-flavored dabs no matter how tiny the quantity you consume. Dabs are also highly efficient to take since you can get high on such a tiny quantity of material, so if you want to go outrageously high without using a lot of material, dabbing is the way to go. Especially with a carb cap on top!

First and foremost, you're probably confused about the difference between a bong and a dab rig. Since many bongs can also be used as dab rigs, it may become a little hard. However, after you've mastered the skill of dabbing, you'll be able to join in on twice the pleasure. When building the perfect dab rig, you'll need the following items:

Rig for dabbing. Of course, this is self-evident, but it ought to be noted and ranked first on the dab setup list. Any dab rig will suffice, and there are several dab rig configuration options available, ranging from beginner to expert.

Tools for dabbing When working with hot temperatures, a dab tool is usually a dab wand that allows you to contact the hot nail. Without dab equipment, the heat and stickiness of cannabis concentrates can result in a sticky mess. A carb cap can also be used as a dab tool. Other cleaning equipment, such as a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, may also be beneficial.

Dab your fingernail. A dab rig nail is also known as a dab rig, a banger, quartz nails, electronic nails, e nails, or just a nail. Different varieties of dab rig nails are available; just make sure you obtain the proper size for your rig. Also, if you're ordering a bong that serves as a dab rig, make sure you acquire a nail if the dab rig set doesn't come with one already - they normally simply come with a bong bowl and will indicate if a banger isn't included.

Hand-held torch A hand torch is needed to evenly heat the herbal concentrate for ideal temperature dabs. The ideal temperature for dabbing is between 400 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit in order to get the optimal temperature for inhaling vaporized drugs.

Water. The smooth inhalation is created by adding water to the dab rig chamber, so make sure you can get enough bubbles to your satisfaction.

Now that you've learned more about dabbing and the concept of utilizing a dab rig, the next question is: how do you utilize a dab rig? While it is really simple, it might be daunting if you are doing it for the first time, so try to relax and remember that every stoner goes through it. When learning how to use a glass dab rig or even a silicone dab rig for the first time, you'll want to concentrate on technique and making sure you're following all of the procedures to correctly light up a dab to its utmost effectiveness.

1. Use a dab rig nail to season it.
It is critical to properly season newly new dab rig nails. Seasoning merely entails heating the banger to remove any harsh chemicals or residue that may have been left on the surface during production. Simply fire your dab nail with the torch until it becomes red to season it. Then, using a dropper, apply a little amount of essential oil to the heated nail, making sure it covers the whole area. Transfer to a dish of water with tongs and repeat three to five times more. The essential oil will remove the metallic taste and odor from the nail, making it ready to use on a daily basis!

2. Get your dab rig ready.
After that, fill the dab rig's chamber with water. To make more bubbles, add more water, and if it contacts your mouth when you blow, you've added too much and should pour some out.

3. Get your smoking concentrates ready.

Using the dab tool, remove a small amount of wax that will be applied to the nail once it has been heated. You'll want to have this ready ahead of time so that once the banger is hot and ready to go, you'll be ready to go!

4. Prepare the dab rig nail by heating it.
The dab rig nail has to be heated up next. To do so, start heating with the heat torch. Electronic dab rigs heat up automatically, and most come with presets or customizable features to help you reach the optimum dabs temperature. After heating for 10-20 seconds, check to see if the temperature is hot enough.

5. Use a dab nail to apply cannabis concentrate.
Apply the wax to the nail with the dab tool while rubbing the oil around the nail's edges. You'll be pulling air through the chamber at the same time to form water bubbles, which will produce the vapor you'll inhale.

6. Take a deep breath.

When you notice vapor filling the chamber, keep dabbing until you're ready to inhale. Prepare to feel high as you inhale since the delivery will be potent! A carb cap can sometimes be used to physically "cap" the dab and end it.

7. After each usage, clean the dab rig.
One of the most crucial aspects of dabbing is to always clean your area! Cleaning up your dab rig set is vital to the duration and quality of your sessions since cannabis oil concentrates can get quite sticky and filthy. The cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol come in handy here.

Are you aware of the many varieties of dab rigs available now that you know how to use one properly? Here's a short review of the numerous dab rig setups available on the market today, from tiny dab rigs to silicone dab rigs to electric dab rigs.

Dab rigs made of glass
Of course, this is the most prevalent sort of dab rig set and what most people think of when they think of dab rigs. Dab rigs are made of tough, heat-resistant glass that is actually rather strong! This is a great option for new dabbers who want a lot of variety and flexibility. While you'll have to clean a glass dab rig, it's a great alternative if you have no idea what you're getting yourself into when you first start dabbing. Don't forget about the extras, such as a carb cap!

Electric dab rigs are a type of dab rig that uses electricity to
Electric dab rigs, sometimes known as e-rigs, are a popular choice because to their portability and ease of usage. When dabbing on the fly, electric dab rigs are vital since they provide the greatest and most convenient configuration for a dabber. These days, most include rechargeable batteries or at the very least a quick USB-C plug-in, making it a great travel companion for those who refuse to give up dabs no matter where life takes them. Because e-rigs are so simple to operate, there isn't much of a learning curve. An e-rig is frequently included with carb caps.

Dab rigs for recyclers

Recycler dab rigs are one of the smoothest ways to consume dabs since they have the greatest filtering and several tubes and chambers operating continuously to deliver diffusion. There are normally at least two chambers, together with intake and drain tubes, that are continuously recycled. Recycler dabs are quite popular among dabbers who know what they're doing, because those thoroughly filtered dabs just strike differently. Just to clarify, recyclers do not inherently remove more contaminants than conventional dab rigs, but the flavor and vapor delivery will be noticeably different. For optimal results, recyclers recommend a slow inhalation. Recycling has a bit of a learning curve because it has more pieces than the normal rig, so nothing too insane, but use at your own peril! Carb caps are also helpful for recyclers.

Miniature rigs
Mini rigs are obviously a smaller form of an oil rig. They're not like a dab pipe, but they're simply a little version of a rig with a lot of advantages. Mini rigs may frequently create excellent low-temperature dabs and just require a small amount of wax vapor to get you high. When utilizing a tiny rig, you can effortlessly control your low temperature dabs while still getting tasty herb that vaporizes quickly. Cleaning using a q tip is preferable since it is smaller and hence easier to clean; keep this in mind while cleaning your smoking accessories.

Mini rigs are often thicker than regular rigs, which accounts for their smaller size. Mini rigs that electronically heat your thc concentrations are available, and you can even personalize them with quartz banger bits and other accessories.

Dab rigs made of silicone
While silicone rigs are durable and built to last, they are arguably one of the least popular types of dab rigs available since silicone is not safe to inhale. Silicone devices do keep everything neat and tidy, making them easier to clean than glass components, but they generally sacrifice a lot of flavor, and that rubber flavor is not for everyone. If you have the means, go for a different sort of rig than silicone, but if you're in a pinch, silicone dab rigs are the way to go due to their low cost and lengthy lifespan.

Dabbing is a distinct part of the cannabis society than smoking flower or taking tinctures, and it delivers a unique experience. The high heats, grabbing extra accessories like a quartz nail, and so on may make you nervous at first dab, but wax concentrates offer a unique sensation that is well worth the crazy trip.

The more wax vapor you inhale, the more you'll realize how different a water pipe is from a rig, and it'll make you want to start dabbing. You'll obtain better dabs and start experimenting with various concentrates that you may leisurely inhale and appreciate after you've become used to it. To keep your room neat, acquire a carb cap and other dabbing necessities.

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