What is a Bang or Bong

by niedesheng

What is a Bang or Bong

The Bang also called Bong or water pipe is native to Asia. The word Bang comes from the Thai word"Baung" which was bamboo tubes to heat herbs. Its use is very old since excavations have made it possible to discover some in Africa and Central Asia in ceramic or animal horn which has been dated between 1100 and 1400 AD.

Today the bong is used to smoke mainly tobacco or sometimes other herbs in a slightly different way than a cigarette roll. It uses a liquid including water to cool and filter the smoke. This makes it possible to inhale fumes that are less harmful to health according to scientists. As the smoke is filtered, there is less carcinogenic residue and therefore dangerous like tar. The operation of the bong is therefore quite simple.

So there are a large number of different water pipes.

  • The material of the bong: the most popular is the glass bong. There are also acrylic (plastic), pyrex, and even metal. It all depends on the intensity of use.
  • The size and style of your bong: classic, Rasta decors, weeds, specials, and many more….
  • The size of the chimney: the longer it is, the more inhalation power you will need.
  • The ice system in the chimney allows you to retain ice cubes to improve the cooling of your smoke.
  • The number of percolators that corresponds to the different filtration stages of the smoke of your bong ...

Thus, depending on your criteria to be able to find your cheap bongs for sale and other much more valuable!

However, it is still the same composition namely:

  • A socket where we put the smoking tobacco
  • The rod that connects the socket to the water through which the smoke will be filtered
  • The carburetor which is the air intake hole that you plug then once the smoke in the chamber you unblock to suck the smoke
  • The chamber that stores the smoke where the percolator or perco is located to filter the smoke and sometimes the ice system for ice cubes
  • Finally, the mouthpiece is the part where you put your mouth to inhale the smoke


 How to use your bang

To begin with, the use of water pipes may seem complex at first, but in fact it is very simple. Its use allows smokers to change from a cigarette or joints as a method of consumption (the use and purchase of cannabis is prohibited by law). To make your Bong work, we offer you 4 steps:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to put water in the bong. The rod should be in the water about a third of the lower part.
  2. To make sure the level is good: vacuum vacuum if the water is bubbling and you don't have any on your lips then you are fine. Subsequently, the water can be replaced by tea or others according to your desires.
  3. Then you have to fill the nozzle with tobacco. A tip blow-in to make sure it's not clogged. If the air passes everything is good. If it is blocked then it will have to be unblocked with a small object. It is important to clean your sockets thoroughly after each use of your bong.
  4. Then put your lips on the mouthpiece, light your lighter, and burn the tobacco that is in the socket while sucking.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is enjoy your sweet and tasty puff of smoke as you gently draw the smoke into your lungs.


It is important to regularly clean your bong on the one hand. As well as clean the hearth (the socket) well and not leave any ash. In addition, it is essential to change the water each time you use it as well.

How to clean your bang

Every bong smoker should clean his bong. Indeed, nothing spoils the taste of smoke more than a dirty bong on the one hand. On the other hand, a dirty bong causes an overgrowth of bacteria. So, it is very important to clean your Bong well and to do it regularly to enjoy a tasty and generous smoke. Majorsmoker.com offers you several methods to properly clean your Bang!


Its cleaning is done in 3 steps:

  1. To start, take a dry cleanser like Epsom salt, coarse salt, table salt or rice, or even baking soda. Pour some into your nozzle and into the bong through the mouth. It is necessary to pour the quantity of the bong therefore approximately between 80 gr and 120 gr. Then it is necessary to shake well in order to rub the bong well with the mixture inside.
  2. Then, afterward, it is necessary to add a liquid cleaner such as isopropyl alcohol (denatured alcohol or white vinegar) and to stir well also. Be careful with this liquid cleanser step, it is imperative to use a healthy and natural cleanser. Thus, it does not use toxic or flammable products which could leave bad residues. Indeed, it could present a risk to your health. Once inside, shake vigorously for several minutes to loosen all of the residues.
  3. Finally, disassemble the different parts of your bong and rinse them with hot water to remove deposits and repeat the operation as many times as necessary to have a very clean bong.

To complete, concerning the areas of the bong that are difficult to access during cleaning, we advise you to use cotton swabs. Once clean, let the bong dry well before reassembling it! You just have to use it.