What Exactly Is Dabbing? Smoking Dabs: Everything You Need to Know

by Liu Renhao

What Exactly Is Dabbing? Smoking Dabs: Everything You Need to Know

Dabbing may have made a splash as a novel method to consume cannabis, but it has been around for at least a decade. Find out what dabbing is and how to do it in this article.
What exactly is dabbing, anyway? Why should I, as a stoner, give a damn?
So, my buddy, fasten your seatbelts. Dabbing is the cannabis experience you've been waiting for but didn't realize you were missing out on. This is the new high that will blow your mind, forget about edibles.
Continue reading to learn more about dabbing and why we like it!

What Exactly Is Dabbing?
Dabbing is a method of smoking marijuana. For those who like a powerful high, it has lately acquired a lot of popularity in the pot smoking world.

What Exactly Are Dabs?
Dabs are cannabis that has been concentrated. Cannabinoids, such as THC, are extracted using butane, carbon dioxide, or another solvent.
Dabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their consistency. Shatter and wax are two of our favorites.
Until heated, shatter is rigid and glass-like. You may use your dabber tool to tear off a piece of the shatter. Wax has a more sticky consistency, making it easier to pick up and separate using a dabber tool.
Isolate, rosin, crumble, and sap are some of the other types of oil.

The Advantages of Dabbing
You're in luck if you're smoking dabs for therapeutic purposes. You'll get relief soon since it's a concentrate.
Dabbing is also beneficial for folks who have been smoking flower for a long time but no longer experience the same high due to tolerance. This high is unlike anything you've experienced before, and you'll be able to become good and stoned once again.
As a result, take it easy. You can't overdose on dabs, but you should start modest and gradually increase your use.

Tools for the Job
You'll need the correct equipment before you can take your first dab.
You'll be using a dab rig to smoke your cannabis.
Bongs or bowls with a particular nail on the end are called dab rigs. The dab is vaporized by the nail, which enables you to acquire smoke.

You'll need a dabber to apply the dab on the nail. A dabber is a tiny rod that is generally constructed of glass or metal and is heat resistant. It is advantageous if you have

You'll be utilizing a blowtorch as your heat source. These are available in a number of forms, and you may choose one that best suits the size of your dab setup. For a little setup, you won't need a big blowtorch and flame.
Hello, all you dab aficionados! Upgrade your game by purchasing an electric nail that warms up on its own, eliminating the need for a blowtorch.

Dabbing Techniques
Baby, it's time to dab!
The first thing you should do is prepare yourself for a successful high. Get some water and food, turn on a humorous program or a funky record, and curl up on your most comfortable sofa.
If required, fill your rig with the right quantity of water. You may check to see whether your rig bubbles by sucking on it.
Arrange all of your instruments in front of you, including the dab wax and dabber, on a mat. To begin, take the dabber and scrape off a little amount of wax.
Start heating your nail with the torch until it becomes red, roughly 500 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Inhale while placing your lips on the mouthpiece and tapping the dabber on the top of the nail to observe smoke cloud.
Before smoking again, let your nail and dabber cool fully. Oh, and be cautious while working with the hot wax and parts!

Let's get ready to dab together.
What is the appeal of dabbing? Stoners like the wonderful high, instant pain relief, and change of pace from smoking a joint or eating a bowl of cannabis flower.
Check out the remainder of the page if you're looking for more stories like this one. Later, gator, and good luck with your smoking!