What are the best glass bongs?

by niedesheng

Without a water pipe, there is no herbivore collection complete. In addition to conventional joints, a bong is one of the most common means of using cannabis. Tasty, potent, and gentler on the lungs, falling in love with it is simple.

    However, not all glass is made in the same way.


    In other words, the majority of the bongs on the market are made of five fundamental materials:

        1. Metal   

        2. Glass   

        3. Silicone   

        4. Acrylic   

        5. Ceramic

    While timber, bamboo, and even plastic bongs are also found, these are the fundamental materials. But the most common, highly recommended, and too much used glass bongs are retail by Eaglebongs. This is one of the best bong brands, which offer you quality glass bongs. Check out why this happens.

    Most popular, highly recommended glass bongs.


    Glass is first and foremost blown through hundreds of complex compositions that add charm and versatility. Over the years, the drills were modified to make glass bongs sweeter and cooler to fume, including percolators, ice caught, disperse down drives, and tens of other bong accessories. This range helps you to find the right water pipe depending on style and purpose for your requirements.


    In addition to the most incredible range, glass bongs often appear to do well. Certainly, if you have a cheap individual, the smoothness and hit consistency of the high-quality ceramic or silicone bong can be superior. However, plenty of bongs with less than 100$ have been added to make the smokescreen as sweet as possible, like percolators, diffused down fish, ice captures, or even more zany glass creations.