Unbelievable? Your Dab Rig Perhaps Has More bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

by niedesheng

Unbelievable? Your Dab Rig Perhaps Has More bacteria Than A Toilet Seat 

Can you believe that the dab rig you use to smoke every day may has more bacteria than a toilet seat or other filthy objects you come into contact with on a regular basis. Maybe you don’t believe it. So Let's continue reading and find out the truth.

Studies that count the thousands of microorganisms found in various items never fail to pique our interest. These are usually unanticipated objects that we come into contact with multiple times a day, such as phones, refrigerator handles, and, allegedly, marijuana pipes.

Cannabis pipes, vapes, and joints, according to a study done by Moose Labs in Los Angeles, contain huge levels of germs due to the fact that they are shared among friends.

According to the study, it's difficult to locate other things that have the same level of bacteria as these gadgets. Cannabis pipes, in fact, contain "nearly one and a half times more germs than a public toilet seat."

What's more, while sharing a pipe or joint with a big group of friends is unlikely to result in death, it is possible to get illnesses such as sore throat and diarrhea. By just sharing your joint or taking a puff from your pipe, one individual with a virus might infect others

Moose Labs creates mouthpieces for a range of dab rigs, pipes, bowls, and vapes that protect you from pathogens while also minimizing some of the bad effects of smoking, such as tar, resins, and toxins.

Solution: Spring Cleaning Your Cannabis Equipment

To avoid germs, We suggests washing your hands before and after smoking, as well as cleaning the dab rig with boiling water and wiping it dry after each usage. If you're going to smoke with a large group of people, bring a mouthpiece or some sanitary wipes with you to reduce your bacteria exposure.

You may appear snobby in front of your pals, but when they're sick and miserable, you'll be there to tell them, "I told you so."


How to Clean Dab Rig Step-by-Step

Step 1: Use a torch Nail.

Torching a rig that hasn't been used in a while until the resin or residual carbon is entirely burned is a simple technique to clean it. Torching should be enough to clean it if there isn't much oil buildup. To fine-tune the nail, use an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.

Step 2: Remove the Banger Nail from the Rig and Store It in a Resealable Bag.

If you've neglected to clean your dab rigs for an extended period of time, you'll require additional assistance. In a resealable bag, place the banger nail or cup. The Alcohol should be poured in and allowed to soak. If your nail is very unclean, you can add coarse sea salt to the solution and toss it up

Step 3: Drain the Water from the Dab Rig

To avoid oil buildup and keep the flavor, do this after each dabs session

Step 4: Fill the Rig with Alcohol and Salt.

If your rig is particularly filthy, use coarse sea salt to thoroughly clean it. Pour alcohol into the base of your wax rig if it isn't too unclean.

  1. Shake theDabRig

Place carb caps over the mouthpiece and other apertures if you have them. If you don't have carb caps, cover the apertures with your hands and shake. Clean the grooves with a q tip where oil has accumulated.

Step 6: Dab Nail and Rig Rinse

This section should be completed properly. To ensure that all alcohol is cleaned away, rinse with warm water for about 3 minutes.

Anyway, whether you are a veteran smoker or new to smoking in general, you need always to pay great attention to keep your cute dab rig clean. 

A clean dab rig can.enhance your smoking experience allow, with which you can enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with trying out new flavors.


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