Top 10 Smoking Tips for Beginners to Advanced Smokers

by Liu Renhao

Top 10 Smoking Tips for Beginners to Advanced Smokers

There's always space to enhance your high, whether you're a regular smoker or a one-hit wonder. We'll go through the top 10 suggestions for your smoking experience, from fundamentals to bonuses.

Tip No. 1:

Prioritize quality over quantity.

The most important advice on this list is to buy decent cannabis. It may sound apparent, but the higher the quality of your pot, the greater the smoke and high. While you don't need a top-of-the-line product for all of your smoking escapades, you should be aware of what you're receiving.

Tip number two

Get to know your strain.

Again, it seems to be something that everyone is aware of, right? However, you're at a party and someone hands you a joint; suddenly, you discover you've inhaled some indica when you thought you were smoking sativa. Know what sort of high you're going for, whether it's indica, sativa, or a hybrid combination, and obtain the proper kind! This also applies to your edibles.

3rd recommendation

Weed Distribution

While you can always locate a dispensary near you, nothing beats having your marijuana delivered to you. Imagine lounging by the pool and ordering pot from a Palm Springs dispensary to be delivered to your home instead of going to a dispensary. It's all about trust. Open a Google search and type in "dispensaries near me," then sit back and wait for some OG kush to arrive.

Tip number four


Nothing kills a cough like a cool cup of water, and we mean nothing. Grab some water and soothe your insides if you've ever suffered a knock to the chest or lungs and are fighting with a deep cough. It is critical to remain hydrated when smoking.

#5 Tip

Music that is enjoyable

Grab some excellent speakers, create a killer playlist, and press play because nothing will kill your high like music you don't like. There are a plethora of playlists meant to improve your mood, so why not make your own with your favorite songs to amp up your euphoria?

#6 Tip

Make a Good Joint

It's easier said than done, but having a nicely rolled joint improves high and inhalation significantly. It'll be difficult to smoke if it's too tight, and if it's too loose, it won't smoke as well and waste cannabis, but you'll also risk some weed spilling out. The ideal type of smoke comes from a nicely packed joint, and if you can't make your own, return to Tip #3 and have some cannabis delivered.

#7 Tip

Properly inhale

We've all seen the smoker who takes a little puff, doesn't inhale, and then complains about not being high. It's as simple as one, two, and three. For the finest high, take a deep breath and thoroughly inhale. It's not enough to merely breathe in and keep it in your mouth; you need to take it all the way to your lungs to receive the full benefit.

#8 Tip

Invest on Quality Accessories

Getting the correct equipment, whether you're rolling a joint or smoking through a bong, is critical. Get yourself a good grinder, pipe, bong, or whatever smoking device you choose. It really does matter if your cannabis isn't well ground or if your bong isn't of great quality.

#9 Tip

Make Your Accessory Clean

It won't make much of a difference if your pipe is crusted over, even if you have well-made accessories. When it comes to cleaning your beloved pipe, a little warm water and soap goes a long way. Make use of it. Before you load your pipe or bong, make sure all of your equipment are clean.

#10 Tip

Make sure you're surrounded by the right people.

Finally, while you're high, locate the folks you want to hang out with. Even if you follow the nine steps above, if you find yourself in the company of individuals that rub you the wrong way, your high will not be a mood. Put yourself in a scenario that gives you the high you desire, even if you're a single smoker. If you're among individuals who don't accentuate your high or in an environment where you're worried, your high is likely to be less than stellar.

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