These are a few aspects to consider when you go to purchase your new pipe!

by niedesheng
These are a few aspects to consider when you go to purchase your new pipe!
Whether you want to try your first pipe, the second, or the eleventh, you must never consider the selection metrics as if they are of minimal significance. In fact, the joy of owning a pipe dramatically relies on the hustles you go through when hunting for a brand that is near perfection.

It is true that pipe smokers are an individualistic batch with endless demands. From the shapes and material to the finishes, a pipe smoker will always feel great when presented with something that meets his specs. In essence, these small things reflect the elements of diversity and individuality of the respective smoke pipe owner.

There’s no doubt that selecting a smoke pipe either as a gift or for personal use can be overwhelming, particularly for those who lack experience and exposure. A great tobacconist could come in handy by guiding you through the hundreds of options whenever you want to select a pipe that will bring you enjoyment for decades to come.

The pipe you buy must meet your needs and preferences for it to satisfy you fully. This explains why you must initiate a detailed look at the pipe before making the final purchase decision to begin the purchase.

Here is what to look for in your new pipe, especially the freeze pipe, the next time you go shopping for one.

Look For The Aesthetics of the Pipe in Online Smoke Shop

Aesthetics describes the general look and level of appeal of the pipe you want to buy in the online smoke shop. You wouldn’t want to purchase a pipe that you will be ashamed to use in the presence of your classy buddies. In fact, all the other features will be fairly meaningless if you don’t nail the aesthetics metric when making your final purchase thought.

The aesthetic appeal of the pipe you buy must include issues like mechanical perfection, how well it fits in your hands and mouth, its balance, length, and weight. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned bucks on something that will be too long, too heavy, or too small for your mouth. You want something that will make you stand out in a crowd.

My humblest piece of advice is, “there is a smoke pipe brand out there that is just right for everyone- never settle for the second-best.” Adhering to this piece of wisdom will always leave your shoulders high any time you kill it when shopping for a smoking pipe. Whether the pipe was crafted by a big name in the industry or the simplest manufacturer in the neighborhood, always say it isn’t good for you if it doesn’t have the sense of appeal you are looking for.

First-timers will indeed find it challenging to choose an aesthetically appealing pipe just by a glance. It may be a little bit intuitive and instinctual. At times, you will be naturally drawn to a pipe, and it will feel right. However, a little research and a few consultations will help you choose the best that the market can offer.
The Mechanics of The Pipe

Nothing matters like the mechanical attributes of the smoking pipe you buy. A veteran smoker will always know what they are looking for in a pipe. However, it could be an uphill task for a first-timer to see the pipe mechanics that would suit his needs.

Always ensure that the new pipe you will be going for is devoid of design flaws that would present you with difficulties when cleaning, lighting, or smoking. But how would a newcomer tell if the pipe they are going for is well made? Well, you will be well placed if you are well aware of a shoddily made pipe and one that is excellently done.

Here is the list of mechanical issues you must avoid when looking for a pipe:

1.The varnish- Even though the finish will not have any mechanical effects on the pipe’s operational attributes, it will dictate the lifetime and how long it stays shiny and outstanding. Be keen to avoid pipes with varnished finishes as they may flake. Go for pipes with a rich finish as they are a bit collectible and desirable.
2.Poorly aligned parts- A quality pipe will always present with excellently aligned parts, a smooth airway (from the draft to the mouthpiece’s end). Distorted smoke streams like misalignments in the tenon union and mortise could cause turbulence.
3.Presence of fills- These are the putty-filled large holes and pits. There’s a tendency that the fillers may not interfere with the pipe’s smoking mechanisms but will cause a mottled appearance on your pipe as it ages

On the other hand, any excellent pipe must present with these attributes:

1.The grains- Veterans will tell you that the cost of a pipe has everything to do with the grain patterns. Pipes with uniform tighter grains will always cost dearly.
2.The draft hole- It must be as close as possible to the bowl’s center with a perfect alignment to the airhole in the stem region. A draft hole that terminates at the bowl’s bottom will give you the best smoking results.
3.The weight- A lighter pipe will always resent the best results. It will be easy to hold in your mouth and will leave you with little or no fatigue.
4.The finish and fit- Only settle for a pipe that looks like it was handled with a lot of care in the making process. Avoid those that present with obvious sandpaper marks, poorly done stains, or ineffective spots. Ensure that it presents with a perfect joint between the stem and shank.

The Monetary Factor Is One You Must Consider

Apply “cheap is always bad” as your general rule of thumb whenever you will shop for a pipe. Always remember that not all pipes presented by the vendor in your area are made equal. Cheap pipes are most likely to be poorly created and break more quickly than the finely crafted yet sturdy pipes.

You wouldn’t want to go for a $15 pipe that is poorly done to make unlimited returns to the shop buying more. Be prepared to part with at least $35 if you want to get a high-quality pipe. Also, never buy your pipes at a dollar store or a gas station- they are most likely to be low-quality.

These are a few aspects to consider when you go to purchase your new pipe!