There are four things you should know about bubblers

by 聂德生

There are four things you should know about bubblers
Bongs are well-known for being one of the greatest methods to smoke dry herbs. They disperse the smoke, allowing for effortless hits, amazing taste, and a smooth rip!

This item was revised from the January 2018 post titled "3 Little Known Facts About Bubblers."

Bringing your bong out of the home, on the other hand, may seem like a terrible idea if you're protective of it. This is when the bubblers come into play. Bubbler glass pipes are intended to provide the same smooth hits as bongs, but without the bulk. Continue reading to discover more about bubbler pipes, your smoking arsenal's hidden weapon.

1. A Bubbler and a Bong Are Not the Same

They are, in some ways, quite close to one other. Bubblers, like bigger water pipes, employ water to improve filtration. This implies that bubblers will provide smokers with the same smooth, effortless hits as bongs. The main distinction is that bubbler bowls are usually significantly smaller.

Bubbler glass pipes, on the other hand, are a more manageable size than a tall and bulky water pipe.

This opens up a whole new universe for smokers who like the smooth sensation of a bong hit. With a bubbler, you can take the convenience of a bong with you, without the hassle.

Are you fed up with water filtration? Simply drain the water from your bubbler glass pipe and use it as a regular glass bowl.

2. Smoke Filtering Bubblers

The intricacy of bongs and bubblers is one of the most significant differences. As bongs progressed through history, glass artisans discovered new techniques to improve smoke filtering mechanisms. Percolators are glass structures that assist to halt and chill the smoke inside the bong. In addition to the downstem component that links the bong to the bowl, most simple bongs under $100 feature one percolator. More percolators are found in higher-end bongs, which help to chill the smoke.

With a water chamber, most bubblers make filtering simple. This water, on the other hand, is critical in eliminating the smoke's harsh flavour and gritty texture.

Try a bubbler with a percolator to obtain the same smooth filtering as a bong. Percolators are glass forms inside the piece that soften the smoke's harshness. If you're looking for a new percolator bubbler, have a look at our choices.

3. Bubbler Pipes are available in a variety of styles.

Not all bubblers are the same in terms of appearance and functionality. Bubblers come in a variety of designs and shapes, similar to bongs. These are some of the most popular bubbler pipe designs.

Bubbler with a Hammer

Instead of glass bowls, hammer bubbler pipes are designed like miniature hammers. The extended handle also gives you more room to make more smoke.

By passing smoke through numerous glass rods, our tree percolator hammer bubbler filters smoke better than the typical bubbler. Using a small tube, the ribbed showerhead percolator hammer bubbler provides further filtering.

Bubbler with a Hammer

Animal bubblers are a common fad, particularly among animals who like water, such as elephants. These bubbler pipes are a terrific method to smoke dry herbs while on the go with filtration.

This elephant bubbler is a completely working work of art that will complement any collection! It's entirely independent and can sit on any flat surface thanks to its four legs.

4. There are a Lot of Reasons to Smoke a Bubbler

Consider how many times you've smoked from a glass bowl. Then consider how much you'd want to be smoking your bong. To get the best of both worlds, smoke a bubbler!

When portability is important, bubblers are ideal. Bring a bubbler if you're going to smoke before an event, at a friend's home, or on vacation. You'll be able to smoke comfortably, just as you would with a bowl.

So, if you're going on a trip but don't want to leave your bong at home, carry a bubbler.

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