The Ultimate Guide to Dabbing: Everything You Need To Know

by niedesheng

The Ultimate Guide to Dabbing: Everything You Need To Know


Dabbing is a safe and effective way to consume concentrated cannabis extracts. By heating the concentrate to its boiling point, you create strong and tasty vapor that rivals the best buds.

It might be a bold claim, but we've created the ultimate guide to dabbing. It doesn't matter if you've never dabbed before or if you dab every day, you'll find plenty of useful information here. Read on to find out how you can enjoy the overwhelming high from cannabis concentrates.


Dabbing is (literally) the hottest trend in the cannabis industry. If the up-front costs and expertise don't put you off, a world of ecstasy awaits you. The growing popularity of vaporizing concentrates has mainly to do with their purity, which is achieved through advanced extraction processes. Regular cannabis flowers have between 10-25% THC, while cannabis concentrates can be a staggering 40-80% THC - an incredible amount for both your money and your head.

Before we get too far ahead and get too high to know what's going on, we should first clarify: What actually is "dabbing"?

Simply put, dabbing is the process of inhaling the vapor of a type of cannabis concentrate after it has been heated to the right temperature. In essence, the process is no different from smoking a joint, but the equipment required makes dabbing a more complicated affair.


Every successful dabber needs a few pieces of equipment to start with. As your experience and tolerance increase, you can invest in more sophisticated and advanced dab rigs. However, for the sake of the newbies to dabbing, we'll start with the absolute basics.


The two entry-level options are either suitable attachments to turn your normal water pipe into a dab rig, or the purchase of a specially made cheap dab rigs. There is hardly any difference in the way they work.


Nails or nails are typically made of titanium, quartz or ceramic. The nail is heated with a mini burner so it's hot enough to burn off the concentrate. You can think of a nail as a more elaborate bong head.


A hand torch is all you need to get started. You might see seasoned dabbers with big burners sometimes, but they're only there to show off. We have to heat the nail to a much higher temperature than a regular lighter can, so a burner is essential unless you choose an electric nail.


This is not always necessary, it depends on the type of nail. However, cheaper nails use a dome. It sits on the nail and traps the steam so it doesn't escape before you can inhale it. Carb caps work the same way.


Since most concentrates have a sticky texture and we are working with an extremely hot nail, we should not be handling them with our hands. We use a stick (metal or glass) instead to push the concentrate from its container onto the nail.


Cannabis extracts differ in the way they are extracted. Butane, CO, cold water, and alcohol are all extraction methods, some of which are simple enough to be done at home. The key principle of all these techniques is that the plant material is thrown away after the cannabinoids (THC, CBD) and selected terpenes have been extracted. The purified substance can have a THC content of over 70%, making it incredibly effective and highly desirable among cannabis enthusiasts.


Shatter gets its name from the fragile nature of the substance when it's room temperature or a little below it. Under these conditions, small pieces of the concentrate can be broken off and placed on a red-hot nail. Shatter is semi-transparent and often yellow or amber in color.


People are often so obsessed with dabbing that the "why" question is overlooked or forgotten. Let's ignore the fact that some users dab because it's trendy, as there are some distinct advantages over other cannabis consumption options.

Potency is a significant factor in dabbing. Since most concentrates are much stronger than the most potent cannabis flowers, the "less is more" rule applies to concentrates.

Considering that it takes less than half a grain of rice-sized concentrate to get a decent high, it will blow off novice dabbers and provide a pleasurable high for more experienced, tolerant users. Because dabs are much more potent, they work almost instantly. If you want to get high or relax with instant effects, dabs are ideal.

Due to the extraction method of high-quality dabs, it is also possible to determine exactly how potent your selected concentrate is. If you want to medicate with dabs or calculate an exact dose, dabbing can do it easily.

Other decisive factors are taste and aroma. Dabbing can be much better tasting than even the finest cannabis flowers. Alternatively, concentrates can have the terpenes removed as well, resulting in a nearly odorless experience.


It's all too easy to get overwhelmed by all those dabbing terms, which can lead to mistakes or dangerous practices . If you want to have a fantastic dabbing experience, follow these safety tips. Whether you're new to dabbing or a seasoned professional, advice is priceless.


It doesn't matter if you dab every day or once a month - dabs are far more potent than normal forms of cannabis use. The best advice for safe dabbing is to start slowly and gradually increase your dose. Even if you dab every day, a number of factors could affect your experience, such as how much you slept or how well you ate. Don't risk a bad session by going crazy right away. Dab a few times to feel your way - when you're feeling good, increase the size of your dabs until you reach the level you want.


Concentrates are made with specialized equipment, high pressure, volatile chemicals, and more. Leave it to the pros and save yourself the hassle of rebuilding your house after your equipment fails.

You will also be exposed to incredibly high temperatures (around 538 ° C) during the dabbing process. Therefore, you should always have a heat protection mat nearby. The burner and every heated part of your rig can be put aside without the risk of fire. After a few pulls, it's all too easy to make a mistake or put your hand in the wrong place.


Our final advice is especially true for concentrates. They are extracted using advanced processes, many of which involve chemicals that should not be inhaled. If the extraction process is carried out correctly, these harmful chemicals will be removed, making the concentrate safe for consumption. The alternative is a concentrate full of harmful additives that can cause all sorts of health problems if inhaled.

Only buy concentrates from reputable suppliers. Many concentrate manufacturers offer a detailed analysis of the product as an additional precaution. So you can see the specific analysis of the chemical structure of the concentrate. It may seem over the top, but dabbing is only great if the concentrate is prepared properly.