The proper technique to smoke cannabis using bongs

by Liu Renhao

The proper technique to smoke cannabis using bongs
When you're new to cannabis smoking, everything might seem frightening. You may be overwhelmed by the variety of accessories and goods available, making it difficult to choose the best items for you. However, if you do some homework ahead of time, you may walk into your first marijuana encounter feeling confident and prepared to enjoy it responsibly.

How to use bongs correctly!
Get the bong ready.
The first three stages in using a bong are to get the bong ready. The smoking experience will suffer if the gear is not properly prepared. For more information about bongs, go here.

1.First, fill the bong halfway with water. Depending on the size of the bong you're using, you'll need different amounts of water. Ensure that the water flows straight into the mouthpiece while pouring it.
2.After that, grind your marijuana. To pack at the bottom of your bowl, use a grinder, scissors, or other sharp tool to ensure it is finely ground.
3.Finally, put the marijuana into the bong's bowl. The funnel on the downstem's exterior is known as the bowl. Make sure you're not packed too tightly, since this will make it difficult to pull a hit.

The bong is lit.
After you've set up your smoking device, you'll need to learn how to light bongs.

1.If you're new to bongs, set the bong on a table and sit close to the equipment so you're at eye level with it.
2.Hold the bong in one hand, either from the bottom or by wrapping your palm around the smoke chamber.
3.Calm down and prepare to inhale smoke by taking a few deep breaths.
4.Place your lips into the mouthpiece and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. When using bongs, make sure there are no openings, otherwise smoke may escape.
5.Using your hand, ignite the lighter. To fire the marijuana in the bowl, use the hand that isn't holding the bong to use a conventional pocket lighter.

Inhaling the cigarette smoke
Inhaling the smoke from a bong is the last stage.

1.Slowly inhale while you ignite the lighter in the bowl. At this stage, the smoke should not be in your lungs, but should be gently traveling up the chamber.
2.When you're pleased with the amount of smoke within the chamber, turn off the light. If you're new to bongs, only fill the chamber around halfway.
3.Pull the bowl from the stem and take a deep breath of the smoke. If you are a newbie at using bongs and can't inhale all of the smoke at once, cover the mouthpiece with the palm of your hand to prevent any smoke from escaping.
4.To get the high, hold the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds.
5.Blow the smoke into the room or out the window to exhale the fumes.
6.Return the bowl to the stem and prepare the bong for the next user.

It's easy to be intimidated by bongs, but it doesn't have to be. All you need to feel secure during your first smoke session with pals is to conduct some study ahead about how to properly construct a bong, utilize the contraption, and inhale the smoke.