6 Best Methods to Keep Your Bong Safe

by niedesheng

6 Best Methods to Keep Your Bong Safe

Many smokers develop an intense attachment to their devices. Even though it is simply an ordinary smoking tool, it can become a treasured possession over the years. Sadly, one unexpected fall is a nightmare many never expect, but that can cause a premature end to the bong.


Series of people have had this horrible experience before. You just had a terrific time with your favorite weed. You are in a high mood and desire to do some cleaning. Without paying much attention, you staggered around the table, and bam, something slid off the table.


While you could simply buy another bong, losing your favorite bong could be a depressing situation. It is like losing a loved one. Also, the absence of your bong can induce panic when you realize you have nothing to smoke out of. However, you can take helpful steps to keep your bong safe. Here are the six best methods to make this possible:


  1.   Always Empty the Water After Use

Typically, you will fill the water pipe to the right level before smoking. This is essential to get the smooth and clean flavor that satisfies your craving. However, make sure you are mindful of emptying the glass after smoking.


Leaving the water in your glass is not good for health purposes. In addition, draining such water can help maintain its integrity by keeping it from shattering. This is important for people in a cold region where the atmospheric temperature drops. It could lower the temperature of the water to the point of freezing. Water generally expands when it freezes, which might overexert the glass and break it.


It is an important point for people who leave their bong in basements, cool rooms, or places with low temperatures.


  1.   Know the Kind of Glass you Use

Interestingly, breakage of the bong is not always a result of dropping the device. Even if you buy a strawberry lemonade strain, the wrong cleaning agent could end the life of the device.


This is common with mass-market glass or China glass. Such glass is usually made of soda-lime – the component used in the manufacture of bottles and windows. Unfortunately, soda-lime glass is brittle and gives way easily under stress or heat. This, however, is not the case with borosilicate glass common in oven-safe cookware.


Photo of Person Holding Water Bong

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  1.   Don’t Store the Bong with the Bowl and Downstem.

Many smokers love the admiration and respect that comes from displaying their bong in a conspicuous position – like the coffee table. It can add beauty to your space and make the device readily available. This, however, is not a good move if you have kids, pets, or friends that are clumsy around. The right move is to find a dedicated spot, away from pets, kids, and accidental falls. Then, with your bong stored safely away, it will not break.


  1.   Be Careful While Carrying it.

It is common for smokers to want to show off with their devices. As a result, you might love to take it with you on a camping mission or for smoking sessions in a friend’s place. However, some smokers would instead station their bong at home permanently.


Showing off your bong is not a problem as long as you are cautious. However, this is a fragile material that can easily get damaged in transit. As a result, users who love to show off with their bong should consider investing in a carrying case. With this, the device is well kept, and it will not shatter in case of a slight mishap. If you would love to have your water pipe inside your bag, it is a good idea to secure it in a thick cloth like a towel. With this, you can store it ideally with other devices.


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  1.   Regularly Clean Your Device

While cleaning your bong can be a challenging job, it is part of the routine maintenance for your device. Failure to clean often can result in a deposit of resin. This negatively affects your smoking session and could trigger further damage when you eventually want to clean it.


You will typically need to apply more effort to clean the rig, which could trigger cracks in the glass as you try to get rid of the buildup. As a result, make sure to keep the bong empty after every use and consider having a general cleaning schedule to ensure the device’s safety.


  1.   Consider a Silicone Bong

Maybe you are the clumsy type, and you feel you cannot handle the fragility of a glass bong; it is possible to avoid glass bong altogether. Instead, you can consider silicone bongs, a new trend that many seasoned smokers are embracing. On top of that, it is not fragile like the glass counterpart.


A silicon glass gives you unrestricted freedom without sacrificing the function and effectiveness of your smoking sessions. With the straight lube design style, the water brings about great filtration. In addition, they are rigid devices, which make them suitable for use when traveling. Also, it is possible to fold silicon bongs into smaller sizes.


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You can save yourself the hassle of buying a bong every time by observing simple precautions. Here are handy tips you can observe to safeguard your bong. This will go a long way to keep your bong safe and prevent incessant breakage.

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