The Gravity Bong: What Is It

by niedesheng

The Gravity Bong: What Is It


By removing an already filled soda bottle filled with the smoke of marijuana, and then imagine yourself inhaling the entire thing into your lungs. It is known as gravity bong, with minimal bud and far less effort, and with the same rush of a huge bong rip, it is famous for providing all those facilities to smokers. You can be made it easy with the help of objects that you found every day in the home.


In time there was a point when people start searching the creative ways to lift their high to levels the bong or ordinary pipe couldn’t achieve. You can easily make it by yourself using simple material in your house lying around, and this fact makes gravity bong so gnarly. In your trash, all of those plastic bottles taking the space now can be put to use. A gravity bong can get you pretty darn high, and you’ll be happy to know that than a rolling joint, it doesn’t take much longer.


If you want to know the science behind it, into the lungs, a massively intense smoke is forced, far beyond the normal hit filling up to capacity. If you start inhaling from a bottle, with the smoke of an entire bowl of cannabis by breathing, you are filling your lungs. THC is the thing of which gravity bongs deliver hits that are extremely powerful; indeed, they are not for the heart faint if you want to convert your smoke session into a quick DIY project and with your cannabis, if you’re feeling like getting crafty, using a few household objects, our below guide shows you how to make a gravity bong.



Making gravity bongs is very beneficial; to keeping your smoke fresh and refreshing, it is the right way as it enters your lungs. If you want to construct one, then you likely have everything at home which you need, which takes 3-5 minutes roughly. There are two different styles in which they can be made, either a waterfall bong or a bucket bong.



Despite the name, in the function of bucket bong, the gravity doesn’t play much of a role. They usually include the top half of a smaller plastic bottle and the bottom half of a soda bottle, which is 2-litre. By using the accurate proportions, you can do this trick with any size, where the top is smaller than the bottom.


The smaller bottle is well empty, and the bigger one is filled with water; in fact, it is just a tubing with a small hole on the top and the big hole at the bottom. The creation of a vacuum is the process on which using it is based. Out of the bucket of water when a top bottle is hoisted (top orifice is as long as blocked) as you pull it up, the smoke of your weed and flame of your lighter is sucked into the bottle. In case of filling it with smoke, it is high enough, but to pull it out of the water, it is not high enough. Then your standard water pipe bong clearing a bucket bong is way more comfortable. The reason is, when lowering the upper bottle back into the water, the pressure created and of the smoke-filled bottle it forces all of the smoke out then as quickly as possible it transfers that smoke into your lungs. Here’s how you can make it.

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