The 6 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Bong Safe

by Liu Renhao

The 6 Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Bong Safe
Many smokers build a strong bond with their equipment. Despite the fact that it is only a smoking equipment, it may become a prized property with time. Unfortunately, one accidental fall is a nightmare that few anticipate, but it may put the bong out of commission.

A number of folks have previously experienced this dreadful experience. You've just finished having a great time with your favourite marijuana. You're in a good mood and have a strong urge to clean. You stumbled around the table, not paying attention, and something dropped off the table.

While you could just get a replacement bong, losing your beloved bong may be a melancholy experience. It's as though you've lost a loved one. In addition, the lack of a bong might cause fear when you discover you don't have anything to smoke with. You may, however, take precautions to keep your bong safe. Here are the six most effective ways to do this:

1. Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always,
Before smoking, you'll usually fill the water pipe to the proper level. This is necessary to provide the smooth, clean taste that will satisfy your appetite. However, make sure you remember to drain the glass when you've finished smoking.

It's not good for your health to leave the water in your glass. Furthermore, removing such water may assist protect it from fracturing and retain its integrity. This is critical for persons living in cold climates when the ambient temperature lowers. It has the potential to bring the water's temperature below freezing. When water freezes, it expands, potentially overstretching the glass and breaking it.

It's a crucial issue for folks who store their bongs in basements, chill rooms, or other cold environments.

2. Be aware of the kind of glass you're using.
Surprisingly, bong breaking does not always occur as a consequence of the gadget being dropped. Even if you purchase a strawberry lemonade strain, using the improper cleaning chemical might shorten the device's lifespan.

This is typical of mass-market or China glass. Soda-lime glass, which is utilised in the construction of bottles and windows, is often employed in this kind of glass. Sadly, soda-lime glass is fragile and quickly breaks when stressed or heated. This isn't the case with borosilicate glass, which is often used in oven-safe cookware.

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3. Store the Bong separately from the Bowl and Downstem.
Many smokers like the attention and respect that comes with exhibiting their bong prominently, such as on the coffee table. It may beautify your area while also making the gadget accessible. If you have children, dogs, or pals that are clumsy, this is not a smart idea. Finding a designated place away from dogs, children, and potential falls is the best course of action. Then your bong will not shatter since it is carefully kept.

4. Use Caution When Carrying It.
It's not uncommon for smokers to want to flaunt their gadgets. As a consequence, you may want to take it with you on a camping trip or to a friend's house for a smoke sesh. Some smokers, on the other hand, would want to keep their bong at home permanently.

It's not an issue to show off your bong as long as you're careful. However, this is a delicate material that is easily destroyed during transportation. As a consequence, bong users who like flaunting their bong should consider purchasing a carrying case. The item is well-kept as a result, and it will not shatter in the event of a little catastrophe. If you want to keep your water pipe within your luggage, wrap it in a thick material like a towel. This allows you to store it with ease with other devices.

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5. Keep Your Device Clean on a Regular Basis
While cleaning your bong might be a difficult task, it is an important component of your device's normal maintenance. A resin deposit may form if you don't clean regularly enough. This has a detrimental impact on your smoking session and may result in more damage when you need to clean it.

Cleaning the rig will usually need more effort, which may cause fractures in the glass as you attempt to remove the buildup. As a consequence, be sure to drain the bong after each use and follow a thorough cleaning routine to maintain the device's safety.

6. Think about getting a silicone bong.
If you're the clumsy sort and don't think you'll be able to manage the fragility of a glass bong, you may skip them entirely. Instead, silicone bongs, a new fad that many seasoned users are adopting, are one option. Furthermore, it is not as fragile as its glass cousin.

A silicon glass allows you to smoke with complete freedom while maintaining the functionality and efficiency of your sessions. The water filtering is excellent because to the straight lube design style. Furthermore, they are rigid gadgets that are appropriate for use when travelling. Silicon bongs may also be folded to make them smaller.

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By taking a few easy steps, you may avoid having to purchase a bong every time. Here are some helpful hints for keeping your bong safe. This will go a long way toward keeping your bong safe and preventing it from breaking all the time.


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