by Liu Renhao

Dab rigs feature a lot of sophisticated components and attachments, which may be confusing and daunting at first. Fortunately for you stoners, Eaglebong information has been carefully documented and put into our encyclopaedia below. Glass and smoking accessories have taken over the globe, and we're here to assist!
In our glossary, Eaglebongs has covered all you'll ever need to know about dab rigs, concentrates, styles, and the many uses of your water pipe.
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It's as simple as lighting your blunt to get expertise on how to operate a dab setup. Simply scroll down to find any terms that need definitions. Our explanations are straightforward and simple, making learning and familiarising yourself with your rig component a breeze.

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A dab rig is a sort of smoking pipe or bong that is used to smoke concentrated oils and concentrates. Water filtering is used in dab rigs to increase the potency of your hit.
Rig: A device used only for the extraction of oils and concentrates.
Dome: A key component of a dab or oil rig that catches the cannabis concentrate's vapour.
Part of the rig used for concentrating and oils is the nail.
Dabbing Tool: This is the tool that you use to "dab" your wax or oil concentration. It's also known as a dab wand.
Marijuana oil is a concentrated form of marijuana produced from the cannabis plant. Distillate is a common form that is utilised in vape pens and cartridges.

Shatter: Contains a high concentration of THC extract. Taking a more firm yet breakable form/shape in general.
Live Resin is a high-quality cannabis concentrate made by flash freezing and extracting marijuana plant material.
The part of the glass piece or water pipe in which the mouth is inserted to smoke and inhale vapour is known as the mouthpiece.
Heady Glass is a high-end, complicated glass style that is generally created by highly skilled glass craftsmen. Those that have contemporary or abstract influences, for example.
Oil Rigs: Another way of stating or referring to a dab rig. These terms have the same meaning when used interchangeably. A device for smoking oils and concentrates.
Recycler Dab Rigs: A one-of-a-kind dab rig intended to provide the best possible smoking experience. To guarantee cleaner and smoother strikes, it has a two-chamber system and an extra filtering system.
Titanium Nail: A titanium nail is a form of dab nail composed of titanium alloy.

Carb Cap: A tool used to cover the exposed area of a domeless nail to prevent airflow while allowing heat retention and circulation for smooth dome strikes! There was no intention of making a joke.
Water pipes are pipes that pull smoke through water to cool it down after smoking marijuana, cannabis, or dry herb/flower.
Diffuser: A component of the water pipe that causes the water to bubble, resulting in smoother hits that lessen coughing and relieve throat burning.
Budder: Budder wax, often known as budder, is a THC-rich marijuana concentrate. It has a yellowish/amber hue and a texture that is similar to butter.
Honey Oil: Honey oil, commonly known as cannabis oil, is a cannabis concentrate extraction. Many of its terpenes and resins may be found in it.
Filtration System: A water-based system that cools and filters your wax vapour before to inhalation. Clean hits are possible as a result of this.
Wax Rig: A dab rig is another name for a wax rig. A device for smoking concentrates or other types of wax.
Condensed Chamber: Designed to drive vapour high and fast into your mouth. To put it another way, this is the area of the rig where smoke is confined and transported through before being inhaled.
When you smoke, you get a vapour, which is a liquid or solid that is spread into the air.
Water Chamber: The section of the pipe that transports smoke from the marijuana/concentrate into the bowl/nail and mouthpiece.
A pipe is a smoking instrument that is used to consume marijuana or cannabis. It's made up of a long tube with a bowl at the end. It's possible to make it out of a variety of various materials.
Male/Female The part of the water pipe or dab rig that is placed into the downstem is called a joint [gender]. There are three standard sizes available.
Adjustable Nail: A multi-purpose nail that can be adjusted to match any vapour dome height.
Adjustable Mouthpiece: A rig or bong's mouthpiece that can be moved around flexibly and adjustably to meet the desired position.
Angled Cut [dab rig styles]: A distinctive asymmetrical design that, depending on the angle, allows a bigger surface area for concentrates to sit. This design does not need the use of domes.
The Direct Inject/Classic [dab rig types] is the most basic design. To put concentrates into the bowl, the nail supports the bowl around the top. Vapor is subsequently sent from the bowl's base to the nail, and then back to the rig's base. This design does not need the use of a dome.

Standard [dab rig styles]: This type requires a dome and is the most cost-effective of the dab rig styles. The cupped end of the nail is where concentrated are inserted.

Crumble wax extract is a kind of wax extract that is cooked at a lower temperature during the drying process. Is a drier, more delicate concentration that resembles a honeycomb in appearance. Crumble wax is what we term it once it has been split apart.
Temperature: A term used to describe a situation, a 'climate,' or the degree of heat intensity present. This relates to the temperature of the nail when heated for rigs. In contrast to high temperature settings, which generate thick dense vapour, lower temperature settings give smoother, longer doses that result in richer taste. Because the lower temperature setting is less packed, it may create softer effects.