Smoking Water Bongs: Some Pointers

by Liu Renhao

Smoking Water Bongs: Some Pointers
And now that we've described what water bongs are and how they function in detail, the question is: do you use them? Do you use a water pipe to smoke this new style of smoking? If you answered yes, then you should be aware of the following basic yet important advice provided by Eaglebongs:

A hookah is a terrific method for a beginner smoker to get their feet wet in the smoking world.

Keep in mind, however, that you don't want to inhale as long or as forcefully as other experienced smokers, since this might result in a lot of coughing.

Move your mouth away from the bong if you think you're about to cough.

Coughing into the bong while still holding the pipe and bowl will send everything (including tobacco or cannabis) flying.

If water is kept stale or unmodified for an extended length of time, it may develop an unpleasant odor.

Clean your bong with a simple mixture of salt (ideally coarse salt) and alcohol to keep it taste smooth and pleasant (the more USD the better).

To remove all of the resin, shake it a few times and immerse it for a few moments.

If you feel that a touch has wrecked your lungs and you're in agony, "take a few deep breaths" (even if it hurts) and the discomfort will go away in a few seconds.

Coughing and soreness may be avoided by refreshing your lungs.

If you cough and feel like you've breathed through the wrong end of a flamethrower, and your throat continues to burn after taking new air into your lungs, eating something sweet typically helps.

It's preferable if it's non-carbonated and fresh.

Your new best buddy is an open can of Pepsi that has been in the fridge since the night before.

Getting the remainder of your mix will be easier if you press the lighter laying on the bowl, making it airtight.

To make things simpler and smoother for the other person, use a small toothpick, ideally an unfurled paper clip, to remove product residue and ashes from the bowl after usage.

If you use Gatorade or another sort of fruit juice (apple, white grape) instead of water to flavor the bong, it will adhere to it and make it less effective because the sugar molecules wrap around the THC, making it more difficult to absorb into the bloodstream.

Always pass the lighter and bong to the next person so you can keep track of where it is.

Use 90-100 percent ethyl alcohol and any form of coarse salt to clean your bong, then shake it up and put it in the bathroom.

Flush immediately or the resin will adhere to the toilet, and then rinse out any alcohol or salt residue before refilling it with water and smoking once again.

Adding a few drops of milk to the water covers the glass and lowers harshness by preventing the resin from adhering to the edges of the glass.

Every 3-4 days, wash.

Everything you need to know about bongs, according to a shopping guide

How do you use a bong to smoke?

What advantages does the experience have for me?

If you're just getting started with marijuana and these hookah brothers, you may have these and other questions.

But don't worry, we're here to help.

The most common questions concerning bongs for smoking marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs are answered here.

Bong components

The bong's primary purpose is to filter the smoke from the material consumed.

Pass through water before reaching you (in some cases ice).

The experience will be more fresh as a result of this.

It is an excellent strategy for individuals who are just getting started.

But what exactly are the components of a bong?

Then, to help you comprehend a bong better, we'll go through each of its components:

oBowl: In a bong, the bowl is the portion of the bong where you will smoke.

This element may be formed of a unique substance in certain circumstances (usually steel or copper).

oStem: What is the connection between the bowl and the bong?

With the stem, everything is OK.

It's a tube that connects the bong's bowl and base.

The base of the stem is mainly buried, therefore it comes into touch with water.

oBase: Logically, the pillar of the contraption should be the inner section of the bong.

Because it is where the water is dumped, it is generally rather large.

The bottom of a bong is often shown as bubbling smoke.

oCamera: This item isn't very mysterious.

It's the pipe that transports smoke from the base to the mouthpiece, and then to your mouth.

oMouthpiece: The smoke goes through the mouthpiece before reaching your mouth.

When we refer to the top orifice of the bong, we refer to it as a mouthpiece.

When inhaling the smoke, you must place your lips to enjoy the material.

oCarburetor: Some bongs, especially glass ones, have carburettors.

It is normally detachable.

These are little holes that are above the water's surface.

They're employed to keep the smoke out of the chamber under control.

Acrylic bongs and glass bongs are two different types of bongs.

Although bongs may now be constructed out of almost any material (bamboo bongs, for example), acrylic and glass bongs are the most popular.

A priori, no bong is superior than another.

It all relies on the product's quality and, most importantly, your requirements.

But let's take a deeper look at this table of comparisons:

Benefits of Using a Bong to Smoke

What are all those bizarre weed-patterned tubes and decorations, as well as Ethiopian and Rastafarian flags strewn about?

It is, without a doubt, marketing.

However, other from that, the product is excellent and gives a better experience.

Do you want to learn more about its benefits?

We've listed them below:


Potential for long-term effects to be reduced

Smoke that has been filtered with water aids in the removal of harmful components.

The texture of the flavors has been improved.

Very simple to use and maintain.

Economical and long-lasting

It gives you more control over how much you smoke.

It's a more pure experience.

How to prepare a bong for smoking

Smoking using a bong may be a memorable experience, but you must first learn how to use one.

No one is born knowing how to operate a bong, and no matter how much we explain, only time and regular usage of the bong will turn you into a genuine master.

But, first and foremost, it's a good idea to discuss how to prepare a bong for smoking.

Take heed!

1.Fill your bong with water: You must first fill your bong with water before using it to smoke marijuana or tobacco.

It's fairly straightforward.

The stem of the bong should be slightly buried in it (about 3 to 7 cm from it, depending on the size of the bong).

Other liquids, like as tea or fruit juices, may be used to change the taste of your puffs.

2.Fill the bowl: You have the option of leaving the stem in the bong or not.

It is recommended that the bud be crumbled.

You may also use the usage of a filter.

If you haven't placed the stem in the bowl yet, remember to do so before you start smoking.

3.Begin by lighting the bud: Once lit, grab the bong and put your mouth on the mouthpiece.

Prepare to take a deep breath.

When igniting the grass, be cautious not to burn the bowl more than is required.

4.Generate smoke and fill the bong: While following the previous procedure, inhale to allow smoke to collect in the chamber.

Cover the carburetor on your bong while you're doing this.

When you've created the desired amount of smoke, the hit is almost upon you.

Prepare yourself.

5.Empty the bong: Do you already have enough smoke?

Inhale to empty the chamber and release the carburetor.

You'll have to detach the stem if it doesn't have one.

Don't worry if there's still smoke in the chamber after your initial hit; it's not the end of the world; try again!

Buying criterion

You're probably already persuaded to purchase a smoking bong now that you know more about it and its advantages.

Logic dictates that, like any other goods, the purchase must be well-thought-out.

What exactly do we mean when we say "smart shopping"?

To choose a product that is ideal for you.

You may accomplish so by focusing on the following buying criteria:



Count of cameras



In terms of form, there are three varieties of bongs: those with a hole or carburetor, straight tubes, and bongs with a spherical base.

The carburetor is more of an afterthought than a matter of form.

Although it is most often found in ceramic or glass bongs, it may also be found in other types.

But let's take a closer look at these three characteristics:

Carburetor: This has previously been stated.

These are holes that enable smoke to collect or escape depending on whether you cover them with your thumb, for example.

Apart from releasing smoke, they also help to accelerate it by mixing it with fresh air.

Straight tube: They have a basic design and are long like a spike.

They have the shape of a conical tube.

Some users prefer bongs with a straight pipe that is also quite long.

What is the explanation behind this?

They argue that since the smoke takes longer to inhale, it is fresher when it reaches the smoker.

Round base: These are not laboratory tools, despite their appearance.

The procedure is identical to that of a straight tube bong.

The main difference is that they are more stable since they have a wider base and don't need to be restricted.


Capacity and size are inextricably related.

Round base bongs, on the other hand, have a large capacity owing to their base type.

They may, however, be more difficult to manage, particularly if you simply intend to smoke.

Many smokers notice the camera's tube.

Some people like it long (cooler smoke), while others want it short (more intense puffs).

The volume quantum:

We're talking about a tiny bong below 500 ml for folks who smoke alone or are just getting started.

The usual size ranges from 500 to 1000 ml (with an average of 750 ml).

Bongs with a capacity of more than 1000 or 2000 ml are advised for experienced users or those who want to smoke in a group.

the total number of cameras

Although one chamber is more than plenty for a beginner, there are bongs with two or more chambers.

Single chamber bongs make up the majority of the greatest bongs on our original list.

However, we've added a pretty nice four-camera option as well!

But why do multi-chamber bongs sell so well?

What is the purpose of it?

Obviously, you'll be seeking for a bong that's simple to clean.
They're usually simple to clean.
Keep the content in mind, however.
Plastic ones, for example, are permeable.
Ceramic ones are less expensive, but they are more delicate.
Glass is equally fragile, yet it is true that it is not as porous as plastic.
Cleaning a bong is easy, but make the most of your time:
When you're done smoking, remove the water to prevent mold from forming.
To remove grime, clean the bong with hot water and thoroughly dry it.
Kitchen paper or a clean, dry towel may be used.

If a normal pass fails to remove areas where dirt or resin has accumulated, consider using alcohol.

Alcohol wipes are really useful.

Of course, after resolving the issue, clean the bong with hot water and properly dry it.

It is obvious that disassembling the components and washing them one at a time is preferable.

It won't take long, so don't be too sluggish.

It is important to know that this is a smoking gadget.

It's not a good idea to do it if you're filthy, since the dirt will go into your lungs.

Isn't it unpleasant?

The introduction of the bong in African regions is attributed to marijuana and its international scholars.

Various excavations in Ethiopia, where alleged bongs dating from the 12th century were discovered, explain this.


Marijuana use is becoming more socially acceptable.

It must be eaten in moderation, just like any other drug.

If you're responsible, you'll figure out how to get the most out of it.

In this way, the smoking bong might assist you in having a more enjoyable experience.

It's especially helpful for beginners since it makes puffs softer and easier to manage.

However, in order to get a low-cost high-end bong and learn how to use it, you must first grasp the many options available.

Examine the bong's dimensions and forms, as well as the components that make it up, such as the tubes, carburetor, and base. You may safely enter the realm of cannabis after reading this material.