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Let me guess, you were sitting there breaking up your weed getting ready to smoke. Before you know it, you were wishing you had some of the best head shop smoking accessories to go with it, to make the process faster and easier.

With all the right smoking necessities, you won't have to worry about wasting your time on the basics. Instead, you'll have useful tools to not only make your life simpler but more enjoyable.

And because you're reading this, we can tell you're the type of person who wants to take smoking to the next level. So we wrote this blog to help keep you updated with some of the most crucial smoking accessories out there and how they can benefit your 420 light up sessions.

There are plenty rolling supplies on the online world now, but what are THE must have smoking accessories?

Bong? Check. Dab rig? Check. Smoking accessories? Don't worry, I know that look. Luckily, Daily High Club's got you covered. 

So no need for the anxiety, we've already taken the time to put together the ultimate weed necessities to look for when buying from an online smoke shop.Below are some helpful and useful smoking tools you should consider for your collection.

If it can make your life easier, why not? 

Here are the must have smoking accessories:

Daily High Club Rolling Tray

Having a rolling tray is a must have for making sure all those fallen buds of yours are always caught and saved for later. Whether you're rolling a joint or a blunt, it can get real messy real fast. Say goodbye to having those weed crumbs all over your lap. Save yourself the clean up, and get yourself a rolling tray!

RAW Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers

When talking about the must haves for a good smoke sesh, papers should be on the top list of necessities. What good is all the other supplies without rolling papers!? These organic RAW king size papers are perfect for rolling the best buds. They are sturdy, durable, and easy to roll, so even if you're a newbie, you won't have any difficulties getting that perfect spliff.

Raw Clipper Lighter

Ever show up to a smoke sesh, everyone's ready to spark, then all of a sudden, someone goes do you have a lighter? The room quickly fills with awkwardness as no one has a light.
Well, with this two in one RAW clipper lighter, not only will you always have a light ready, but it comes with a built in flint system. This allows you to refill your lighter when needed as well as 'poke' or 'pack' your joint or blunt. How cool is that!?

Shopping for top glass and accessories is a breeze when buying from

Eaglebongs, and now that we've established the must have online smoking tools, it is now time to go over the smoking essentials that can make your life easier!


Having all your smoking essentials can be a life savor so why not get your hands on some of the dopest of the dope?

Every stoner knows they want dope stoner products to show off to all their smoke buddies! After shopping from Eaglebongs, it won't be long til all your homies are asking you "Where'd you get that!?".

So we've researched and reduced it down to the top three vital products that will add value to both you and your supplies.

Let's go over some top smoking essentials that you'll be needing for that good ole smoke sesh

Top 3 smoking essentials:

Cali Crusher OG Slick 4 Piece - Non Stick Grinder
Tired of grinders that just aren't cutting it? Literally. With this Cali Crusher OG grinder, you won't have to ever think twice about using this gem.

This crusher comes with a kief catcher and has blades or teeth, that are strategically placed inside to ensure the absolute best grind without ever tearing your buds. It also comes with an extra smooth motion to make grinding a seamless experience. You can have confidence that this truly is a tough and reliable essential to add to your list.

MooseLabs MouthPeace
This MouthPeace is truly something new and essential.

MooseLabs MouthPeace comes with a triple layer activated carbon filter to filter out all those harmful contaminants like tar and resin.
It's a perfect fit for all your bongs or even rigs! Now you can safely smoke with all your friends and family while reducing germs, making this a must have to add to your shopping cart.

Bong Cleaning Kit
This bong cleaning kit is listed as a smoking essential because, what good is a glass piece if it's filled with all that gunk and tar? Not only is it unappealing for you and your smoke buddies, but it's also harmful to inhale these contaminants!

This kit comes packed with all the vital necessities for cleaning out all that built up resin in your bongs and dab rigs. For a banging deal, you'll get 420 cleaning wipes, Res solution, pipe cleaners, res caps (for bongs/rigs), and a smojo screen. What more could you ask for other than a sparkling clean bong?

When looking for the right smoking supplies and accessories to go with your smoking festivities, it can be a headache figuring out what you actually need, and what you want. Thankfully, Eaglebongs has not only provided some of the best selections, but also some of the best prices, for the best products. What more can you expect from the best online headshop?

As a plus, they offer excellent customer service on top of free shipping and delivery for all orders within the US. Bongs, pipes, glass bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, dry pipes, grinders, bowls, rolling trays, are all products you can easily find through shopping from a trustworthy and reputable online smoke shop.

Whether shopping on a budget or if you want to treat yourself to a high end premium quality product, Eaglebongs gives you the option to do both, so that you can have the perfect set up for every SESH!

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