Should You Buy Bongs From Online Head Shops?

by niedesheng
Should You Buy Bongs From Online Head Shops?
People have a general apprehension when buying stuff online, even more so if it’s anything related to recreational drugs.

If you are skeptical, having to buy something online can scare you off, be it a new gadget or something as trivial as a case of toilet paper. And when it comes to the online purchase of controversial stuff, like a vaporizer or a bong, it is fair that your guard would rise even more. Let’s be honest, all the misconception circulating about buying bongs online doesn’t help either. From the debate about whether it is legal to risk your privacy, all sorts of doubts may be creeping up your mind.

For instance, you might think ordering from an online headshop is a felony and cops are going to knock at your door the minute they get wind of it. To clear up these doubts, we are going to explain some of the most circulated myths about buying bongs online.

Buying Bongs Online Is Expensive?
This is probably the most circulated myth about buying bongs online. While to a person who depended his whole life on traditional head shops for weed, buying online might seem expensive and more troublesome. Besides, people hardly want to trust a new supplier; they would rather stick with what is familiar to them.

However, buying bongs online can turn out to be cheaper than a brick and mortar head shop. Best Online Head Shop can stock high-quality bongs and dab rigs in large quantities by partnering with trusted manufacturers. Their stocks might be richer and more diverse than a traditional head shop. This ultimately results in the low price of bongs without compromising the quality.

Buying Bongs Online Is Illegal?
Weed, tobacco, bongs, and all the stuff related to recreational drugs has this stigma attached to them: they are illegal, people who use them go to jail, and whatnot. It is completely understandable considering that most states have yet to legalize their use. Even the most progressive states are delaying coming forward and declaring them legal. Apart from the law, cannabis or recreational use is still taboo in some parts of our society.

However, regardless of the legal status of recreational drug use in your state, ordering from an online head shop is in no way illegal. As long as you are of legal age and will not use them for any illegal purpose, the law can’t stop you from buying them online. The same law that allows you to buy liquor doesn’t prohibit you from buying bongs online.

The Product Quality Will Not Be Up To The Mark?
This is a regular dilemma for ordering any products online. Many sites are swarming with knock-off products and it is hard to tell them apart until they are in your hand. Unfortunately for the online purchase of bongs, some crooked online head shops can trick you into buying cheaper and inferior stuff.

You will only have the chance of being tricked into buying a low-quality bong if you buy from a mediocre head shop that promises a cheaper deal. However, for customer satisfaction, an authorized online head shop will always provide good quality products using the latest technological solution.

You Will Have To Wait a Long Time For Your Product?
Trusted online head shops have certain policies regarding shipment time and security. Most of them provide a three-five workdays shipment deal; it depends on the location that you want it delivered. Some online head shops even provide shipment facilities within 24 hours. Apart from fast delivery they also have strict protocols about the safety of your product.

Bongs and vaporizers have a delicate glass structure that needs careful handling. With multiple changes of hand during the whole shipment process, your product will likely undergo some rough handling, especially if it is from a less than stellar online supplier. However, with a first-tier online head shop, you can rest assured that your product will be handled with utmost care.
Your Privacy Will Be At Risk?
Whenever we are making a payment online, we have this irrational fear of getting our privacy or identity stolen. This might not be completely irrational, but these cases are rare. If you stick with trusted websites, there is less chance of it happening. Online head shops are regulated by law to prevent any privacy breach or identity theft through the banking information you provide while purchasing.

Besides, the best online head shop will ensure that your product will face no scrutiny at any point of shipment, as it will be discreetly packed. Even your delivery man or your nosy neighbor will fail to guess what’s inside the package.

No Return or Exchange Option?
A transparent return policy is part of the business ethics of a trusted online retailer. There might be cases when the customer is unsatisfied with the purchase or wants something different. A legitimate online head shop will readily agree to return or exchange that product according to their return policy.

They will also ensure the client gets an exchange within the fastest possible time and with the least complication in the whole process. However, no online head shop or any online shop for that matter will accept a used product.

No Personalized Experience?
Your local head shop supplier might be very familiar (and trustworthy) to you, but they only can do so much when it comes to providing a knowledgeable opinion about the diverse world of vaporizers. Authentic online head shops have all sorts of vaping experts who can answer all of your queries. Besides, trained customer service and live chats are available for your service at any time you want.

If you want to experiment with something new or branch out from your comfort zone, the online head shops have a plethora of knowledge for you. To add to that, most of these online shops have separate platforms for customers where you can share your ideas with like-minded people.

The Bottom Line
People have a general apprehension when buying stuff online, even more so if it’s anything related to recreational drugs. While shady online head shops are to be blamed for this bad rep, the unassuming clients who order without checking the website’s credibility are also partly responsible. Now that you know buying bongs from an online head shop is neither expensive nor illegal, if you ever decide to buy bongs online, make sure you buy only from the best and authorized online head shop.