Should I roll a weed joint or just hit it on a bong?

by niedesheng
Should I roll a weed joint or just hit it on a bong?

Pros: Just tear a small piece of smoking paper, place a bit of weed, roll up, seal, light up, inhale and Forget.Smoke up slowly as you enjoy every kush whenever,wherever. No hassle in carrying it to places.
Cons: When you smoke a joint your are inhaling byproducts from the paper also. Less THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) out of the stuff.

Pros: You only inhale the material you are smoking. Also with a bong the smoke is usually filtered by water or thee material your bong is filled with.
You get a higher concentration of THC (The Happy Chemical)in one hit as compared to joints.
Efficient in delivering a potent high in less hits than smoking the same amount through joints.
Cons: Always a hassle to carry it along with you to places.You don’t get to smoke the stuff slowly like you do in joints,and yes that is a different feeling altogether.

Lastly, If you don't want to spring for a bong or deal with the hassle of rolling joints, consider a glass pipe as an alternative. Eaglebongs brand products are currently recognized as the best vape brand.